GOP Insanity Containment 2: This is the Place. This is the Time, Cowboy.

Original thread is near/at 10k posts which breaks Discourse or something, so new thread time.

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So I used to think like this wrt France being soft, but then I learned about the Battle of Marne and I’ll never say something like that again

Yeah, I just see this as a common white-trashism. Perhaps common in the diner, but one might expect more from a political leader regarding an ally in a dangerous time.

Apparently one thread was insufficient to contain GOP insanity.


Stolen from @Danspartan in the prior thread. An extra nice thing about this mash-up is that a racist trope against black people is to compare them to monkeys. Here we see a completely non-racist use of the monkey theme for some dumbass monkey-ass monkey bitches.


Overplaying his hand here, IMO

He’s like a 10% more charismatic version of Ted Cruz.

US House gop guy affair with ISIS bride appears this story was broken by breitbart

can’t make this shit up

Not sure if this should go here or in the Ukraine thread. Here I guess because he’s a moron:

so savvy, much genius

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lol, this guy was the effective chief of staff for 4 years.


Taylor was being criticized in the primary for voting to certify Biden’s win and for removing Confederate statues from the Capitol.

He’s still a very conservative Republican, so fuck him, but the next guy is going to be worse.


Amazing how triggered desantis got from seeing a couple of kids in masks. What the hell, dude?


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Probably thinking of the optics of him standing in front of people with masks.

lolololololol they are so pudding-brained that they don’t know what else to say


I believe its because hes a ■■■■

I think @goofyballer called this one. Obvious in hindsight.