You can help pay for the operation of the site either by paypal or patreon. If you want to paypal (or something else), then PM me. The patreon is here:

If you sign up for patreon and you use the same username there as here, the two will be linked. In the future this may be used in some ways over here for the donors’ benefit.

Currently the thinking is that we will solicit donations to cover the base operating cost at most and get some ads going and use that money to compensate the hosting team for work done. At times it’s possible we are looking for donations and at times, not so much. We don’t want to have a lot of money on hand without an immediate use/need.

The reporting interface on Patreon is pretty bad. I received another donation, which I presume is from lostostrich, but the patreon account isn’t under that name. When I look at the earnings report it says the total earnings before fees is $10.50 and the balance is $8.69, but when I look at relationship manager it shows payment history from users as: $4.31 + $4.20 + $3.50 = $12.01.

Well, I’ll get this figured out before there’s much money going in here. Anyway, the balance is: $202.59

Patrons who use the same username automatically get added to the patrons group here, get the Patron title on all their posts, AND get sweet avatar bling! Don’t miss out! Pledge today for those bragging rights and all that swag!

Can you confirm for me

You show up as having two donations, $5 and $15. Is that right?

You don’t show up as a patron on Discourse. I think maybe that has something to do with a change made from to not skunkworks, but not sure. I did get a webhooks error.

I’m working in the field today. I’ll look tonight if I’m not too tired.

Yea, it gave me a basic $5 sub when I signed up. But I wanted to do 20. I can do more if needed - I don’t care about the title that much, it just sounded interesting. Not a big deal either way don’t put any real effort into it.

lovemuffin donated $5 and he shows up as a Patron. I’ll figure it out later and update the donations and balance.

Is it possible for us to get enough donations to not need ads?

It’s possible to pay for the hosting fees, but some people are putting many hours in and are going to be compensated if there’s money available. There are some differences of feelings all around on this, but I think the plan is that it’s better if that money comes from ads. There’s some thought that donating at a certain level will mean no ads for you, but there are differences of opinion on that as well.

My thinking is that we shouldn’t have ads at least until we’re comfortably moved in, and then maybe ease them in and then vote, argue, and fight about it at that point.

I might be the only one who mentioned this, and if that’s the case feel free to ignore me.

lovemuffin == well named right? Can we return the donation?

Who cares? We’re not beholden to him or any donor for anything.

If traffic stays relatively low I doubt any of this will ever be an issue. If we get 10k users and hundreds of thousands of daily page views, then it will get interesting.

True enough, but after hearing what became of 2p2 Politics after the split I kind of feel like it would be like taking money from the NRA or something.

The NRA usually expects to get something for their money. WN clearly has no such expectation, or if he does, he shouldn’t, and it’s not nearly enough money to make anyone think anything about it.

Whatevs. WN, if you’re reading this, you’re bad and you should feel bad.


So, everyone else who had the same username here and on patreon just got synced in the the patron group, even someone who came after you, but they had the same email address and you used a different email address for patreon than on here.

I’m going to assume for now that that was the cause and I just added you to the patron group manually.

RonaldChevalier joined patreon with $5. I don’t know who that is and that is their Unstuck name.

My thoughts on this are that we basically go with the community sentiment on something like who not to take money from. For some people I might default to not taking money and then maybe bring it to a vote or something and for some people I would default to taking money unless someone wants to try to do something to figure out how the community feels.

My default with lovemuffin/well named is definitely to accept the money, but if you want to see if people want to vote his money off the island, it’s up to you.

After the $20 from jmakin and $5 from RonaldC and the fees deducted …

Current Patreon balance is $35.10
Current Paypal balance is $193.90

Total Unstuck funds: $229

There are two donors whose names don’t match usernames here. If that’s the case, I’m keeping their name (or whatever handle they use for patreon) private. So, if you donate under another name and don’t see me post about your donation, but want me to, let me know what name you used for patreon.