Democratic Primaries 2020 - With a whimper

Remember way back in early March when it seemed like this topic was the most important thing going on? Are you nostalgic yet for the days when SC and Super Tuesday made us fear the worst part of 2020 would be a Biden candidacy?

That was only a month ago, by the way. Super Tuesday 2020 happened on March 3rd.


March 3rd 2019?


I like the ideas of this Bernie guy


Just wish he had a chance.


Brother :v:

She’s just playing politics. I’m sure she’ll push for all the things Biden is against once he gives her power.

Democratic Primaries 2020: Lame Title for a Lame Presumptive Nominee

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Is this the thread for discussing when Joe! will hold the Dem convention?

Not to actively wish bad things on the guy or anything, but it seems like sliding it from July at least into August is good news for people hoping that his decline goes far enough that people can’t keep ignoring it.

How far does it have to go before it’ll be far enough people can’t ignore it? I think as long as he’s alive and someone is able to get him standing upright in a suit, that’s good enough for the Democratic Party.

Because by any other definition it’s way past the point of not being able to ignore it.

Sadly, I agree. My only hope is that since I don’t consume a lot of media my opinion is heavily skewed because of the strong anti-Biden sentiment on this site; like, that maybe he’s not as bad off as I believe and that maybe he’s well off enough to beat Trump. But, that feels kind of like a very thin thing to hold onto.

I guess what I don’t understand is: if he’s as bad off as I think he is, why are the people around him (not just his campaign) so set on propping him up? Surely there are other eDem clowns who could fit in a suit?

I think there’s a calculation that choosing a candidate outside of the primaries would face too much antidemocratic backlash. So the options are to keep him hidden, letting nostalgia win the day, then Biden adjacents can deal with it after securing access to power, or risk running a candidate open to attacks of being hand picked by the elites. I’m also not even sure how the latter could be implemented. It’s going to be made worse by the fact that skipping over Bernie would send lawnmowers into orbit. I’d snap take anyone who can beat Trump at this point though.

Ngl I thought rat mode had peaked when petey dropped out on the eve of super Tuesday.

Not accurate. Lots of people in Canada lost dental, vision, mental health, physio, drug etc. coverage that they had through their employer.

This is true. Most people fighting for universal health care in the US don’t get into the fact that a lot of care is still provided outside of the public system elsewhere. In Canada it’s about 1/3.

Sounds like we need a new tagline.

M4A: even better than Canada!

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You need to fix the title. You put 2020 when I think you meant 2024.

Dunno about all of those things, but I don’t think I even had dental and vision when I had good employer provided insurance here in the USA.

ldo. That is unless you believe Liz is, ahem, honest.

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because he’s the VP and he’s riding on obama’s popularity. anyone else couldn’t have united the low info voters.