Democratic Primaries 2020 - Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

There are currently 14 candidates running for the Democratic Party’s nomination for President of the United States. There are 27 days until the first primary, the Iowa caucuses, which are open to all 14 candidates. Most importantly, there are too many posts in the old thread so a new one must be formed.

Here’s the most recent polling data, courtesy of imjosh:

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With help of family, wrote out 80 Bernie postcards to send to Iowa primary voters. I suspect this is a very good way to get the message out.

They are not soliciting any more for IA, but watch for future states to help.


Nice work!

The old thread was called “Who Will Run In 2020?” and this one is called “Democratic Primaries 2020.” Where do I go to lol at Joe Walsh?

Same place everyone else goes too… His twitter Acc

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Warren brick IA NH SC drop out and endorse Bernie one time.


Based on the Super Tuesday polling, if Warren drops out after then there’s still a great shot for Bernie. Washington votes the week after Super Tuesday, that’s a huge delegate pool and obviously will be heavily Bernie if Warren drops out beforehand. Warren dropping out after the first 4 but before Super Tuesday is the most optimal for Bernie’s campaign but perhaps the least likely. If she does, then there was also certainly a deal made between the two beforehand (and I [want to] believe there was)

Hey have you guys heard of Andrew Yang?


You mean this guy?



Forgive my cynicism but this Iran stuff is a huge boon for our beautiful boy, and he’s handling it extremely well so far. He is the favorite imo.

Just so everyone isn’t shocked, there is a legit chance Warren endorses Biden or Mayor Pete when she drops out and not Bernie. But I think it’s most likely she doesn’t endorse anyone until the nominee is decided.

I would be VERY shocked if she endorses Pete.

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Zero chance she endorses either Pete or Biden


Zero chance she endorses Pete, but Biden endorsement is live. I think no endorsement until after the convention is the favorite though.


Lol sorry, I mean our beautiful boy Bernard. I don’t think there’s much of an appetite for war outside of Trump’s base so I think it’s not great for him (Trump). All of the other tier dem candidates have fucked it up too. The contrast has never been more stark.

Warren just came out with a new bankruptcy reform plan directly attacking the 2005 bankruptcy bill that Biden played a key role in passing so a Biden endorsement is live but a longshot.

Trump uses the word beautiful so much I just associate it with him at this point, my bad.

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Elizabeth is a ton closer to Bernie on policy, but she may want to endorse someone who is a member of the Democratic Party.

don’t use morning consult polls please, thanks

I haven’t paid a lick of attention because I assume his appeal is “I’m the super smart computer whiz with the think-outside-the box solutions for the future.” I strongly believe that only a few problems can be solved by technocrats. Our biggest challenge is as old as society: political domination by the 1%. There’s no app for that.

Bernie is the only one saying he wants a popular movement to accompany him to Washington, and that’s the only thing that has a chance of averting the Apocalypse.

I presume Yang favors a green new deal. Does he have useful things to say about how to achieve that politically? To get my attention, he needs to talk about a broad political movement, not smart solutions for a new tomorrow gimmickry.

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UBI isn’t like a high-tech Elon Musk saves us all by taking us to Mars thing and it’s not “I’ll just be a very serious person” technocrat. It’s kinda revolutionary, maybe.