COVID-19: Chapter 9 - OMGicron

Schools are open. ICUs are full. People are taking livestock dewormer.

Is this ever going to end?


Quick lock the old thread. I’d like to be the last word.

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At least 14 Covid positive cases in my 12 hours in the Emergency Department last night

I’d say the noticeable uptick started 3-4 weeks ago here.


That would be a fitting last word to that thread.

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He turned it around a bit at the end of the video.

Gotta say that people aren’t quite as mesmerized by Trump as I thought. No doubt people will be clamoring for somebody even further to the right come 2024.

Um, how does taking the vaccines own the libs? BOOOO!!!


His supporters need him to pretend to believe all the Covid crazy theories as well.

He may pivot, if he were in office he would pivot directly to appeasing them next time out.

Imagine the cheers if he’d told them to choke down some ivermectin.

I don’t think that’s quite it. Even if you only spent 20s, AIF seems concerned with what you spent that 20s on. And if I read him correctly, even spending only 20s on wishing he had an even more agonizing, miserable death was bad and should make you feel bad. Even if you managed to never think of it again.

I’m pretty much immune to deplorable dipshittery at this point but the fucking “Fauci said masks weren’t necessary, THEN he FLIP FLOPPED, EXPERTS ARE CONSPIRING AGAINST US” baloney just absolutely puts me on hypermonkeytilt. THere are obviously several reasons for this and I think everyone in this forum understands them all so I will not be elaborating for my own sanity.


Dude. New thread. We should let that whole discussion die a slow painful death, not bring it over here.


Figure if 5% of people actually aren’t lying about fda approval we get a few million people signing up this week

Count me as very skeptical that even a fifth of those that say “I’m not taking it because it’s not fully approved” actually mean that. I hope I’m wrong.

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I’m hoping we’re going to see a lot of mandates happen, where people weren’t willing to impose them for an EUA drug. Including the military.

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this is bullshit just like the “fauci flip-flop” excuse is bullshit. nobody actually cares about “full FDA approval” and the people saying they do will just move on to something else.

there are only two things that will move the needle now:

  1. emergency use authorization for kids under 12, this seems like a must-have and it’s amazing that it hasn’t already been done

  2. mandates. these don’t even have to be draconian. there are a LOT of people who aren’t going to get the vaccine now but will crumple and fold at the first sign of inconvenience. There has to be some sort of robust authentication for this, though. Don’t call it a passport, call it a verification, whatever, but it needs to be more secure than a piece of cardboard I can make on my inkjet in 2 minutes.

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I guess a federal mandate is more defensible once there is “full FDA approval” but that’s just semantics. FAA should announce a mandate for domestic air travel like 2 minutes after FDA approval.


They should’ve had booths with free samples.

Yes, for the people taking livestock dewormer.


I think they mean it. My last post on this got cut off from the transition, but I posted a vid I was told to watch. Combine this with facts of knowing someone who seemed totally healthy and died for no apparent reason and it can cause one to think. Heck, it is crossing my mind now

ChrisV gave me one great counter example on how this “expert” misused statistics on miscarriages to make his point. I would like to get one more good counter on this spike stuff. I hopped over to the Salk Institute site and it seems confirmed (to me) that this is more about attacking the vascular than respiratory. I consider myself reasonably intelligent, but I simply don’t have enough knowledge to counter much of what the guy in the video says. And I’m LOOKING for ways to argue FOR vaccination. Imagine all those who are scared of a new vaxx or looking for ways to smear it

I’ll link the video again here in case anyone is ambitious enough to watch and help me refute it