COVID-19: Chapter 6 - ThanksGRAVING



Legit loled at the title. Man this country is so fucked :(


High rise in divorce inquiries.

You’re not alone.

UK going to shit as well.

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Thought I’d copy this from the last thread since it came in late

1541 cases in the Czech Republic on Saturday. This triples the weekend total record. Either we are very much fucked or they ran the weekday load of tests.

Over the last 2 weeks, only Spain and France top the number of cases per 100,000 in the CR.

In some stations, people are waiting hours just to take a test and wait then up to a week for the results (was 1-2 days during the first wave). I mean you could pay out of pocket for a test that takes less than an hour to give you a result but it’s prohibitively expensive.

Even CNN reported about us


Elite title

This here is perfect proof. It took awhile but clearly “mass testing” is leading to “more cases”. He was right!

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America: Doing the Triple Lindy


March 12th


Covid going away to college. Spike is all growns up.

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oops, new thread.

On shitting on Al Gore:


Possibly a good sign that good protocols + a well run organization that believes in science with people actually following them, who are taking covid seriously in their non-work hours - can actually work.

MLB had good protocols as well I thought - but apparently some of the teams didn’t take them seriously at first.

My school has a bit too many foreign trips for students to go on. Teachers plan them because if they do, then they get to go on it essentially for free because they’ll distribute their housing and travel expenses among what they require the students to pay. Their lone sacrifice is having to supervise a bunch of teenagers.

Anyway, the money for Italy was paid before covid got super-bad. The school wanted to cancel but they couldn’t get the cash that the parents paid them back. So it was either turn to the parents and tell them that they weren’t going and weren’t getting their money back or go anyway. They chose the latter.

Well, you can see where this story is going. While in Italy, the teacher who coordinated the trip was diagnosed with covid-19. Her son was also diagnosed with it. Everybody who went on the trip is now in quarantine.

So yeah. Looks like dodged bullets are going to be a weekly thing until we finally get hit because I was supposed to teach that class tomorrow.


Glad you’re getting your Phil Hellmuth on so far.

Another one of my colleagues has a family member with covid19. So she’ll be teaching from home as well. Used to sit next to her in the teacher’s room. Luckboxed that my desk got moved to a smaller room with fewer teachers I guess

I said in the previous thread that I didn’t expect my school to make it through the week and I stand by that.

Negative test. Took 48 hours.



Top ten tweets all time.