College basketball

Kentucky down 20 to ND in the 1st half

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I bet on them ML with that 100% DK promo lol


Since this is the official CBB thread, I want to throw out there that I’m a big illini basketball fan so I’m super psyched about them this year, but am also resigned to the coronavirus ending the season early.

Hey at least I’m ending up with a sweat!

Cuse is the best team of all time

UNC losing to UNC Central near half

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(well not really)

(well at least UK brought it back it to a one point game)

(UK still sucks)

Big Ten is again going to be an absolute brawl this year. No easy wins outside of Nebraska and Northwestern.

As always, betting big on NCAAB Futures as it’s the best sports futures market. Will post any excellent values I find here.

Seems likely that the season will be cancelled given that my Hawkeyes are unquestionably the best team in the country :sob:

Hopefully you don’t play any SEC teams or you might have to suffer through a 52-foul debacle.

Virginia and Gonzaga just announced they area playing each other on December 26 in Fort Worth, TX.

Virginia has been in a COVID pause since December 9. Had to cancel games vs. Sparty (technically postponed) and Villanova.

Switched over from the women’s game to watch some Big East BB on FS1. I thought I was going nuts hearing Roundball Rock (NBAonNBC song) on the play out to commercial. Apparently FoxSports bought the rights to the song. I don’t know how I feel about it because it’s been ingrained in my mind that when I hear it, I just immediately think Chicago Bulls.

I immediately think of the SNL skit

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Lol Cal

Frustrating game today. I think we are the better team but MoML 🤷

Eta talking iowa/zags

I respect Iowa and they have an insanely potent offense, but Iowa isn’t better than Gonzaga. Gonzaga is just a buzzsaw and is going to be 5-6 points better than every team except for Baylor.

Also, a late Sunday night LOLSPARTY

Idk man. We were 4-22 from three and it’s not like Gonzaga was playing stifling D. Sometimes shots don’t fall 🤷 Would love to see them run it back

I like UK +4 am I crazy?


Probably not. But at the same time I have no confidence in this team. If this season isn’t going to be a complete trainwreck they have to win today.

First possession and I regret everything already