2020 New Hampshire Democratic primary Thread * 1st past the post wins...

Did Bennet suspend his campaign and not tell anyone?

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Bennet’s on the ballot, looks like Smacc just skipped over him when copying the list of candidates from Wikipedia and has since edited him back into the list.

It was a honest mistake… Honestly :v:


I’m sure, I live in the US and don’t know which of these doofuses are still in it so I can’t blame you for missing some of the candidates polling at 0%, especially with the Wiki sidebar making it look like there are only 8 candidates left.

I had honestly thought Bennett had dropped out at the start of the year, tbh I see no reason for him to hang around but I wouldn’t leave him out on purpose, alough Deval 1st name nearly got renamed… :joy:

Can I make a request that will improve thread quality (for me at least)?

I propose: No live-blogging PredictIt or other online betting market odds. Also, no recountings of your winnings or losings in said markets. Noone curr–and besides, we have a whole thread for that:


In for the Biden implosion.



You know how sometimes you can’t get a particular song out of your head?

Joe Biden yelling you’re a “lying dog-faced pony soldier” is that for me today.

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There’s a video of him calling someone else this. It’s definitely a thing.

but what KIND of thing? :joy:

I kind of want Biden to hang around so we can keep kicking him beyond Super Tuesday.

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I thought so too, but that was Hickenlooper, the boring moderate governor of Colorado. Bennet, the boring moderate senator of Colorado, is still in.

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Downvote from me. I’d rather discuss it here on the night of the election as the results are coming in all fast and furious (or partially and slowly at 2am). Seems more on-topic here with the results everyone is posting and analyzing, anyway…

But if the strong group sentiment is for the PI nerds/degens to keep it to the Betting on Politics thread, so be it.


PI is absolutely worthless as a predictor of anything, don’t think it adds any value here.


I don’t see how anyone reporting on what PI says at the moment is harmful to the thread.


Any signs of KLOBmentum?


I like following PI to get a sense of how the race is going. It’s fascinating to me to watch how the %s move as entrance polls come out / etc.


Reporting on how worthlessly wrong some of its markets are here explicitly adds value here…

But seriously what I mean is that on nights some of us are basically live betting (election nights and debate nights) it’s hard to follow one thread let alone multiple… On election nights there aren’t many places you can get key info faster than our live thread, so it’s helpful to me if some PI discussion is tolerated in the same place so I can follow one thread and get all the info and have all the discussion in one place.

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@wheatrich @Riverman @commonWealth are the main bettors… I don’t mind either way tbh, but wheatrich sure was sweating a bet I started to feel for him and got the bug to maybe have a dash…

And tbf that was under unusual circumstances, if its keeped to a minimum and only happens on the night, then that’s cool with me. :v:

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