Wrestlemania XLIII: Trump, or Bloomberg? GO!


Cool, cool. Enjoy 4 more years of Trump.


I see your never bloombito and raise you a never berner

These micro influencers aren’t so micro in the end

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At least that settles who Bernie’s running mate will be

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Pretty sure thats 45%of independents and dems are in the 70s on that question.

Gl at parsing data with a leftie never Bernie person voter person

I mean it’s basic game theory for all parties to say they will only vote for their preferred candidate at this stage of the game. Don’t take any of it seriously.

We are 9 months away from the election. Every single week there are like 10 new revelations of Trump crimes, the inter-party squabbles will fade away. The exception is if Bernie wins the most delegates and isn’t the nominee.


Not voting is the moral choice in this spot and it’s not remotely close. You’re cobbing hard.


The Bernie narrow plurality but no majority scenario is a nightmare. It is almost 100% lock the Dem loses the GE in that case no matter what happens at the convention.


A lot of people making your “moral” choice is how we ended up with Trump instead of Clinton.


The situations aren’t similar. Bloomberg is an actual oligarch that is attempting to literally purchase the nomination. Trump didn’t spend a dime of his own money because he’s a broke fraudster.


Bloomberg’s policies have destroyed communities. Ffs he wanted to put finger prints on social security cards to stop all the illegal immigrants from getting jobs in his city. He surveilled Muslim communities up to 2014. He changed the law to extend his term limits.

He’s an absolutely horrible person and a lot closer to trumps world view than anyone else running. If the democrats nominate him at the convention they will be the ones choosing Trump for 4 more years not all the people that didn’t vote for Bloomberg


They’re obviously both odious and I’d never vote for either but with a gun to my head I would absolutely vote Trump over Bloom. At least with Trump there would still be some hope. Bloomberg would mean the literal death of democracy. Quite this and put it on my tombstone. Bloomberg is so much more evil than Trump. He is the intelligent Trump we’ve all been worried about.

And I voted for Hillary fucking Clinton, so don’t accuse me of not being able to vote for the lesser of two evils.


Also I thought more Bernie supporters voter for Clinton than Clinton supporters voted for Obama, and it was independents and other dem voters who didn’t vote for Clinton that lost her the election.


Trump is more evil than ~anyone. Really doubt that Bloomberg is worse, but I guess I could be persuaded in theory.

Fucking no, are you kidding?? Trump is an incompetent with no actual views or positions on anything.

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Is Bloomberg putting Steve Miller in charge of his immigration team? Just one example. I can keep going.

Bloomberg is a band-aid the US can put on its democracy that is bleeding to death. That means it will die slower but will also let the wound fester to the point where it might become untreatable.

No, but he’ll absolutely increase the efficiency of the child gulag!

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This has a whiff of optimism in it and makes me wonder if nunn has hacked your account.

Underestimating identity politics and how the “my guy or bust” attitude was no small contributor to getting us into this mess to start with seems bad. Taking these people at their word and not counting on game theory to dictate their behavior in the end is probably the best place to start dealing with them