There was some Wordle discussion in an LC thread (I think?) that people said should go into its own thread, so here’s one.

Mostly to brag about somehow pulling this off:
Wordle 219 3/6


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Wordle 219 4/6


Lost the coin flip on guess 3. Fuck these Americanisms lol.

Wordle 220 3/6


I’ve heard of this before but have no idea what it is. O/U on number of posts I’ll have to read before I have any idea what’s going on itt


So, 3/6 is awesome but what’s the thought process there? I don’t want to post spoilers so …

Why try the double letter? Seems like a shot in the dark.

ETA I barely got this one, so maybe I’m just jealous

I play a much more LAG style than most.

Wordle 219 5/6


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Screenshot 2022-01-24 6.32.56 PM

Lost the same coin flip!

The idea is to guess 5 letter words. Some color means you have the right letter and position. Another is the right letter, wrong position. The other is that the letter isn’t in the word.

The trick is to start off with a word without double letters. Starting with “irate” is best as those are 5 of the 6 most common letters in the English language (o is ranked 5th). So you’re more likely to get early hits that way.

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I like adieu as my start word

U is a poor choice.

I prefer a poker term.

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Lock this god damn thread now before it happens just fuck

I like having 4/5 vowels off the bat. Ymmv

My second guess was “block” and I decided to guess the first thing I could think of that had a K and L with an O in the middle, fully expecting it to be a wasted guess.

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Still have no idea what any of those things you are all posting mean but I’m going to go out undefeated

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No going back.

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White or black blocks are letters not in the word, yellow blocks are letters in the word but in the wrong place, green blocks are right letters in the right place.

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I’m sick of every asshole posting their games on my Facebook feed. Can’t wait until they get one wrong and stay silent.

(I’ve gotten one wrong but in my defense, I didn’t understand the rules at the time. Didn’t realize it didn’t have to be five unique letters.)

Tfw Wordle 219 X is trending and you solved it in four


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Wordle 220 4/6