Winter cricket and bridge thread - Held over by popular demand

New season new thread afaik.

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Yessss 2th

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  • Winter is the worst season
  • Nah

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I voted worst but I don’t totally feel that way because I live in FL. It has been the worst in other places I’ve lived but not here.

At home, near the beach, maybe winter is the worst, but generally in SoCal the summer is too hot and is worse.

I hope Rexx and ChrisV bump this thread in 6 months and talk to each other.

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Nah. And note: SoCal != only the LA area.

Even in SD it’s too hot in the summer if you can’t feel the ocean air.

Tough one tbh… I earn more I the winter :wink: plus us Scottish folks melt in the summer, causing some of the worst eye sores in the country…

Anyone who doesn’t think winter is the worst has never really had to shovel snow or chip ice off a windshield. Winter sucks


5 gallons of luke warm water and a brush does the trick here :sunglasses:

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I remember as a child I lived with my grandma and she had a house similar like in the picture. And in winter we had often indeed dig the door free because the snow was up to the roof. I haven’t seen that probably since I was 10 any more. Talk climate change!

Who can guess what is that?


I don’t mind shoveling snow. And these days I take the bus to work so it’s rare I have to scrape a windshield.

Nonetheless winter is horrible. The short days alone are enough to rank it at the bottom.

lol, my winters are much worse than most of y’alls and I still like winter. I might change my mind if we get another polar vortex.

Not worse! Better! Cooler!

Skiing. Snow ball fights. Building snow castle. Running around outside until my feet are so wet and cold that when I get into the warm again it is shit painful to warm them up. That all makes me feel so alive!

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For peeps who may not know aware… greater LA is mainly inland, with a portion near the beach, while greater SD is mainly near the beach, with a portion inland. In both cities, the housing stock near the beach generally doesn’t have AC. So… when microbet & me are talking about being “too hot”, we’re talking about “had to turn on the AC hot”, not what peeps get in PHX/etc.

I’ve never lived in the Cajon Zone (El Cajon city, an inland suburb of SD), but I did effectively spend a couple of years in The Valley w/o adequate AC (San Fernando Valley, a vast inland area of LA city). There’s no way I’m trading away a Valley July, to have two Valley January.

Anyone who doesn’t think summer isn’t the worst has never installed solar panels when it was 117 degrees.