Winter 2021 LC Thread—I Want Sous Vide

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Registration in AZ used to have to be in a visible location. Like wrapped around the steering column. Insurance wasn’t required so that was a non-issue.

It’s all performative bullshit now if they ask. First thing a cop does when (or even before) they decide to pull you over is run your plate. They know registration and insurance status of the vehicle before they even get out of the cruiser.


That makes sense, but they’re committed to the performance. Last time I got pulled over* the cop looked at my papers closely enough to notice the copy of the insurance card I gave him was expired. I told him I had a current copy in my wallet and waited for him to say ok before digging it out.

*For illegal turn. Cop said there was a no-right-hand-turn-on-red sign at the off-ramp I’d just left. I said no sir, there isn’t. (There used to be but the ramp was widened and the sign not replaced.) He gave me a warning. Don’t know if he believed me or not.

There are way too many cops in the US.


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Are you suggesting there’s something in these anti-car politics that could be attractive even to someone who supports the gilets jaunes, the yellow-vest protesters who took over French cities two years ago?

The gilets jaunes is what? People saying, “We’ve had enough of gas prices going up.” Frankly they’re right. When I was in Vesoul, I was obliged to have a car, the car was not an object of emancipation but of servitude. I could do nothing without my car. So evidently, we are asking them to pay ever more for something they are required to use. The question of alternatives is the fundamental question.


Three weeks to the day since this started. No apparent end in sight. Meds do nothing. Physical therapy doesn’t help. Got an appointment next Thursday with an ENT because that’s the soonest they can get me in. Maybe this is my new normal :man_shrugging:


That sucks :confused:

dlk9s has gotten hurt at school every day this week. Thursday, he accidentally got stabbed in the hand with a pencil.

Today, he dislocated his shoulder (hopefully that’s the extent of it). Sitting in the ER right now.

It was a fun escalation of “fuck” today.

  1. School calls mid-day (fuck)
  2. Nurse says he fell in gym class and I need to come get him immediately (fuuuuck)
  3. I pull into school and see an ambulance (fuuuuuuuck)

Maybe you can get him into the business as a junior stuntman?


Shouldn’t he be dlk10s?

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On the plus side, he’ll have a cool little black spot in that hand for the rest of his life.

That sucks. I broke my collar bone during recess when I was in Kindergarten. Hope he mends quickly.

Make sure you tell him chicks dig scars :)

Pretty sure that’s how Jesus got all the chicks.

Like when I accidentally stabbed my wrist with a pencil fifty years ago.


Update: kid escaped with like the best case scenario while still having injuries that required seeing a doctor. He actually doesn’t have a dislocated shoulder (thanks EMTs?). He does, though, have a “torus fracture” in each arm. Basically, the bone bent slightly, but didn’t break, so it’s a very appropriately named condition. In his right arm, it’s by the wrist, in his left arm, it’s up more in his forearm.

Has a brace on each wrist and a sling on his right arm. Doc said he should be fine in 3-4 weeks and can do regular activities as pain allows in the meantime, except for shit like play sports (I think drumming in band is off the table, too). She said she has never seen this injury so far up the forearm before. One funny thing was that because of where it is on his right arm, it’s harder to stablize, so she gave him the option of a wrist brace or a full-arm cast. Um…the first one, please. Thanks. Still need to see an orthopedist in a week.

So now we’ll get to pay $500 for each ibuprofen they gave him and take out a second mortgage for the ER visit overall.

Also, I, too, stabbed myself in the hand with a pencil when I was around his age. I think I can still see a mark in my thumb meat.


The kid has talent, but you need to teach him to only hurt himself in places that you can sue and have good insurance, schools are a bad target, too sympathetic.