Wild fire season 2021

Ash and smoke is pretty heavy in the Sacramento area. Ms.T sent me a pic from the Cal fire app.

This meme was funnier a few days ago.

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Did you guys forget to rake the leaves again?


Picking up my son from preschool was fun. That’s ~4:30 PM.


And just like people were predicting months ago: California is already having trouble fighting fires because they use inmates for a ton of that and we here in 'Merica like to put a lot of people in jail and then not give one fuck about them so the old 'rona has ravaged incarcerated populations rendering them unusable for this task


Microdaughter is near Santa Cruz in a forested canyon. She’s not that close to the fires, but close enough that they have packed for evacuation.


Fuck now I gotta stress about fires and evacuations again. Luckily my area has been spared so far but probably only a matter of time. I got a plan in place though so at least there’s that.

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Hope it stays away from her.

Having watched the videos of people leaving late and running for their lives and how insanely terrifying it is I’m intense about this. My sister lived closer to the apple fires recently and I was super adamant she had a plan, was packed, and left immediately when there was an evacuation.

Trying to drive for your life out of a wildfire has got to be one of the most terrifying things ever. Fuck that shit.

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Is most of the smoke in Sacramento coming from the St. Helena fire?

My brother lives in San Mateo and has been told to prepare for evacuation. No orders yet, but they are ready.



In Los Angeles the common line to take is that this is Garcetti’s fault for not rounding up all the homeless people, because it’s pretty common for fires to start in their encampments. The fire blanketing the SGV with smoke right now was reportedly intentionally started by a homeless person.



Somehow this pissed me off more than anything that orange fuck has said so far.

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Right? Like, one of that states in the union is prone to the natural disaster of fires. Are we also going to make states like Kansas and Oklahoma pay for tornado cleanup? Or Florida and LA pay for their hurricane cleanup?

What a garbage monster

California? :blue_square: Yeah they gotta pay for that shit, bastards.

Hmmm… Kansas :red_square:, Oklahoma :red_square:, Florida :red_square:, and Louisiana :red_square:, you say? Now why would we make them pay for something outside of their control? Those are honest to goodness :white_large_square: Americans who love their country :us: :us: :us:.

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California smoke in Utah, seen from the Capitol building grounds.

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If anyone hears anything about the Santa Cruz fire or general weather/fire forecasts lmk. Microdaughter is in Aptos is a very wooded area. So far no evacuation warning or order, but it’s pretty concerning.

(Aptos is just just south of SC and the fires are just north, but the forests connect.)

Are you not in contact with her?