Whereupon We Pontificate About Poor Media Outlet Choices

Here’s the thread to criticize media outlets of all types.

I’ll start you off with the note that CNN.com and newyorktimes.com have zero articles on the front page dedicated to either Mueller’s testimony or the increasing groundswell of members in Congress going on the record for impeachment. Why? Because they want dem sweet dollaz Trump helps bring them.

The Washington Post has a lone video on the top of their website that says something to the effect of ‘After the Mueller hearings, impeachment’s moving’.

The cable network FX has apparently given a show about the ‘truth’ to MAGA Haberman. #lol@thatwasteofresources

Impeachment would only last 12 months to 16 months, but they could get another 4/8/12 + Years from the Trump Family.

Only if the Impeachment process is in full swing.

They don’t think the good TV stuff will happen anytime soon, because of the foot dragging. Or maybe they’re playing some kind of long game (lol) and trying to force the Dems to get it started. Dollaz won’t be there until the hearings start, and we’re still a minimum of 6 weeks out from that.

This is a good topic for a thread, but can we please change that title?

Probably don’t want egg on their face if nothing becomes of an impeachment process.

Is there a way to edit the title? I’m not sure you’ll like what I change it to better. But I am to please within reason.

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It’s actually more likely that they know it’s highly unlikely anything will come of an impeachment process, and think it’s a waste of time. The hilarity of that is that in the opijournalism times we live in, they could actually drive popular opinion. It’s an incredible missed opportunity for CNN and NYT. NYT just proves they want to lose to WaPo again on the biggest story of our generation.

Are you criticizing Maddow for keeping her eye on the ball? There’s an endless litany of coverage about the racism, and nowhere near enough about the developing fire heading toward an impeachment inquiry.

Each opinion person has their role in everything. Her and O’Donnell are pushing impeachment. Hayes is the leader on the border, and Brian Williams is the leader on both sidesism.

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Whereupon We Pontificate About Poor Media Outlet Choices

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Whereupon We Pontificate About Poor Media Outlet Choices

Her disappointment in his testimony/feel of his testimony was very disappointing to me. But it should have been obvious for months that he was going to do exactly what he did.

As for the money, that’s the issue I’m bringing up. They have short term and long term benefits from covering this daily. But they don’t think the people are interested. They were shocked that ONLY 13 million people watched Mueller’s testimony during the daytime.

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