Watch Party for Netflix’s THE PLATFORM!

In honor of the US approving a stimulus package that begins with a financial feast for the people at the top and hopefully leaves a little for us plebes at the bottom, it’s a watch Party for Netflix’s THE PLATFORM!


Wednesday, March 25 7 pm EST


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Are you guys using Netflix Party to set this up or are we just watching it on our own at the same time? I’ll join you if I bust out of the tournament early.

Whatever works for you. Party will tell you where the movie is at, but I will start it exactly at the scheduled time, so you can sync up your TV or whatever on your own if you like.

Good luck in the tourney :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


Really doubt it’ll run that long. We only had 4 players yesterday and were done in an hour.

Could we do any kind of incentive to make playing the tourney fun? Doesn’t take much to motivate lol. A custom undertitle or something for the current winner. Changes every new tourney. I’d be more likely to play. The undertitle will function like an ad.

Assuming I’m not a dummy and you’re not already doing such things :face_with_monocle:


Looking to forward to hear peoples ideas about the ending.

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I bet they get deplatformed and booted off college campuses.


A few people have kicked around the idea of getting a real money prize pool going. clovis wants to do avatar bets. For the non-holdem game we’re going to let the winner pick the next night’s game I think. It’s all kind of in flux right now. Come on over and share ideas if you want.

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Maybe the first person eliminated (or person who get eliminated in a hilarious way) must use a donkey as an avatar until the next tourney he/she plays in.

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Speaking of being eliminated early…

Felt a Hellmuth-type sensation going on in my brain.

Hahahaha did you just get knocked out?

Yup. Once I check-raised the flop, I knew I was either doubling up against Ax/weaker two-pair or going broke against all other holdings that’d call down.

LOL quite a gamble there. Sad it didn’t work out for you.

Goes to show how bad I am at poker nowadays.

The only way to know if you’re good is whether you’re dragging a pot :P


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IN! Gonna try to watch in Spanish w/Spanish subs.

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im in

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