Walrus 9 Reveal Thread

Walrus 9 reveal to commence later today, roughly around 5pm EST. We will be considering:

1 - The best pop song of all time ™
In your opinion. Doesn’t have to have literally been a single, but that’s the sort of thing we’re after, obviously. I won’t mark anyone down for obviousness and will try to approach every track as if I don’t already know what I think about it. Honest.




This is the first anonymous reveal,right? Should be fun!


I’m staying up for this lol


All anonymous. I think I’ve guessed here and there, but I don’t know any. The results are all locked in for category 1 so feel free to out yourselves once a song is posted. Or not!

But I want it now!

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If my entry doesn’t win I’m calling in an expert witness for the appeal.

One question - is each batch of songs fed anonymously - or is an entire batch for each anonymized poster fed at once?

I assume it must be the first way. That’s the only way for reveals 2-5 to be anonymous.


Looking forward to this! My expectations for this category are very low though and I am pretty confident of a bottom 3 finish for this one.

So instead of bribing the WalrusMaster, I should bribe KoNY to say that the #1 pick was me? When the person who actually picked it complains, he’ll just sound like a sore loser.

and then s/he’ll post his PM and all hell will break loose.

I got them all in one PM and I believe KoNY varied the order of entrants per category. I’ll take bribes nonetheless.

If you sent the completed rankings to KoNY and he returned the full results to you, your writeups could include personal attacks instead of just ragging on the music! :grinning:

I did consider this!

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Is this the pop music hot takes thread? Billie Eilish is good.

The first. Songs were sent to pyat by category. And I even made the effort to scramble them up within the categories so, for example, all of your submissions weren’t the 3rd in each category.


I should have assumed you can count on poker players to get this right.


Just wanna say it’s cool of you to take the time to do all of that, even though you aren’t a contestant in this Walrus. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


Btw my walrus game is progressing well. There’s just a lot to it. Hoping to beta soon. Getting a much better handle on React!