Urban Planning Thread



New 35 minute video just dropped. There’s been some discussions around this in the LC thread off and on so figured I’d start its own thing.


I’ve not watched the whole thing yet, but I was reminded of walking down the street with my nephew when he was 5 or 6. So this truck comes past and I look at its exhaust pipe and I notice that it’s pointed almost exactly at my nephew’s face. And I just thought “Jesus, what a terrible way to treat our kids.”

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That is terrible, but I’d rather see a kid behind one of those trucks than in front of it, because the driver sure as hell won’t.

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Video was good, I’ve seen some of this pop up on my Twitter recently and it’s fairly interesting, when I went out today I was definitely looking at all these huge vehicles and just smh

Instant I saw this title, I knew OP came across Not Just Bikes

haha yup, been a watcher for a year or two now


Got this sweet ad when I clicked through lol

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Over the last 20 years, Dutch cities like Amsterdam and The Hague have done just that. One way they’ve discouraged car use is by making parking expensive.

In addition to making parking expensive, Dutch cities also use a city planning strategy called “traffic calming” to slow down cars. The basic idea of this is to make roads more narrow, reduce speed limits, add bumps, and make it difficult to drive fast.

This makes driving less desirable.

Anyways, the path to becoming less car-centric is to fuck over people who can barely afford to maintain a car.

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It costs $1 to park a car for a year on the street in Boston if you have property in that neighborhood. It’s insane and makes it so the only reason people don’t have a car to travel outside the city is because there aren’t anymore spots.

Same thing with street parking costing like $2 an hour vs garages being $10 or something.

Narrow streets, chicanes and intersection bumps are great. In every American suburb there’s a 30mph street in the middle of town with wide straight lanes that everyone goes 45, because the human brain thinks it can go that fast with no obstacles

Will congestion pricing ever come to NYC? Who knows? It was approved in 2019 and won’t be implemented until 2024 at earliest.

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Reducing traffic in Manhattan is the biggest no brainer in history.

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Pristina is a city that would give Not Just Bikes epileptic fits.

To be fair, it’s not like Kosovo is rolling in the kind of cash that can afford Amsterdam-style city design but still. I see why so many people here want to move to Germany. Though many I met want to go to America since it seems that almost everybody in Kosovo knows somebody living in America.

An easier solution is just to decriminalize car theft. If you leave your shit in the middle of the street all night, we shouldn’t be expected to drop everything to investigate it at taxpayer expense. Fuck around and find out imo.

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Regressive taxes are the hallmark of good socialism.

Meanwhile in China

Interesting piece with some crazy graphics


Where is this from?