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Some proactive members have snagged the twitter account @unstuckpolitics and it’s up to us to decide what to do with it. There are several options: giving permanent control to a single person, rotating control between individuals, giving simultaneous control to multiple members (perhaps selected by the community), or making access wide open to everyone that signs up (lol).

I think it’s premature to have a poll. Let’s use this thread to discuss:

  1. How we think an Unstuck Twitter account could best be used
  2. How we want to manage control/access to the account

I think giving access to the admins of the site makes the most sense. They can add other users who manage the day-to-day of the twitter account.
I don’t have any knowledge of Twitter though and don’t if it is possible to have a shared account. As far as I can tell there is 1 email address associated with the account. The password can obviously shared among several people.

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I suspect the best answer to (2) is giving a select few members access/control of the account, provided that the community is able to agree on how we’d like to use the account.

That’s a trickier question: How do we want to use the account?

  • What is the account for? It could be a powerful tool to drive people to the site and expand the community, but I think using it just to drive traffic could be a double-edged sword–there’s always the risk of attracting low-value posters or outright trolls.

  • Do we want the account itself to take political positions while tweeting? I lean no–we want the account to reflect the entire community here, which is pretty universally left but may not always be that way, and we don’t want to drive others away. I would be OK with the account highlighting strong posts made by members, which is slightly different but can maintain the neutrality of the account itself while promoting what we feel are good points (again, likely left-leaning given the community here, but I think highlighting posts of unaffiliated individuals would be better than taking a position).

The account could be used as a news digest and also post topics that are currently discussed on the site.

I think other people handling it is good providing they have a sufficient level of engagement/availability/commitment. I consider the hosting group open, certainly to potato and LC anyway, and if they (or other regs) want to do some tweeting that’d be good imo.

I’m willing to help with the Twitter account if needed in any capacity we feel would benefit the site.

I think tweeting before major events, like the Democratic debates, would be nice. We know (I think?) there’s going to be an active live thread during the debate, so it seems like a good chance to draw people in.

I also like the idea of linking to particularly thoughtful longer-form posts.

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The Twitter account I created is tied to the forum with access keys for rich tweet embeds and logging on with Twitter credentials, so there needs to be some other account used as the “official” one if it’s going to be passed around to a bunch of people. otatop’s might be ideal for that, or Louis’.

I plan on creating a Facebook account for the same reason, and it might be an issue there too. We may need to have admin-linked accounts separate from public facing ones.

Interesting. Given how many Trump tweets we embed, along with the occasional alt-right WTF tweets, I wonder what Twitter’s recommendation algorithm will look like for the forum account.

Tweeting an especially effective sentence of prose, sifted from a day of posts, might be a good use of the account.

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Atm I think it’s best to use the twitter account for promotion of the site, with ideas and some thoughtfull posts included, maybe…

Kre8tive has good twitter presence that I know off and I’d be OK with that, along with the Admins only having access and some nominated posters.

We need advice from the Park lands kids tbh on TheTwitters… :grin:

Here is a place holder but a bit less ugly twitter profile image:


You don’t need to crop or resize just dump it into the profile

Disregard the image above this post, this one with the vertical gradient is a bit better, can also use it for the browser favicon, not quite digging the blue of the U in the broweser icon atm, it doesn’t pop enough, although I could shrink it and put a white border around it if you gets prefer it.


Ends up looking like this:

Testing what shared tweets from threads look like here:

That’s weird, it looks like this on my feed


This is from TweetDeck instead of sharing from the Share link here

Again, looks good on Twitter, like crap here


Looks better when I upload a picture instead of using the twitter card.

Another embedding fail that looks okay on Twitter, but used an avatar image with the twitter card which is no good, and the card text is also bad.

@kre8tive I think someone other than an Admin should run the twitter account. I think everything here should be done by people who want to do them, and the more people engaged in doing stuff on the site, the better the community will be. Whether it’s @smrk4 working on logos, micro doing ads and donations, me making themes, goofy doing bots, mods modding, the more people involved the more vibrant the community.

So if there’s someone or a few people who want to/are willing to handle social media, that’s great. If the tweets will look better coming from admin-linked accounts I hope we can find a way to make that happen without it having to be zik (or micro or I), because he’s got enough on his plate, and the site should have as many people contributing to different aspects as possible since it’s not zik’s site, he’s doing the majority of the work and making sure it keeps running smoothly, and I doubt he’s looking to take on more tasks anyway.


Let me know.

I have the time to post content and am willing to take direction in terms of what we want out there.

Agree completely with what oreo said. I think @LouisCyphre currently has the @UnstuckPolitics handle so whoever is going to take on Twitter duties should coordinate with him. The admin-linked account can just be for admin stuff and not tweeting.

This reminds me, @bobman0330 do you have any objections to your Apollo and Artemis thread being copied over here? That’s the sort of content I think we should be encouraging and promoting.

I’m happy to contribute to the tweeting @namath1234