Travel Photo of the Day

With Covid going on I haven’t been traveling much and I’m feeling a bit nostalgic. The title says it all, I’m going to post a travel photo every day, and i’ve got A LOT of them! Anyone else is free to join in as well of course :)

This is from Yangshuo, China. It’s famous for it’s karst formations as seen in the background. After Black Friday I took a poker break and decided to teach English in China for a bit and for my program we did our two week teacher training (lol) in the city here before being dispersed out to random small towns throughout China. And then I had to come back after the teaching stint, because it’s just such a beautiful place.


Beautiful shot. Love the thread idea.


Gorgeous photo, OP. Did a bit of this on social media in the early months of the pandemic. May as well start with the last real trip - Turkey 2019. This is from Ephesus. If you’re a lover of history, great to visit. If your a lover of cats, even greater.


Were the cats really that big of thing at Ephesus? I was there a few years ago, but I don’t remember seeing any cats!

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When we were there, yes, they were everywhere. All friendly and happy to take pets and food. This was summer - maybe they’re seasonal?

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Hmm, weird! I was there in summer too, but it was like 100 degrees, so maybe they were all staying cool somewhere. Now I feel like I missed out lol

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Strange. It was similar temps for us. Not to rub it in but I could probably do a lengthy album of just dogs/cats of Turkey.

More Ephesus:


Istanbul (University):


Haha nice!

Although considering this thread is called Travel Photo of the Day, I’d like to keep it at one photo per day per person, so choose wisely! Also please include a blurb describing whatever photo you post. And I think those are the only rules!

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Myanmar opened up big for tourism in 2012, and of course there was this belief that Aung San Suu Kyi had moderated the junta and things were looking great for democracy in 2013. Well it took a little longer to figure out that things weren’t so peachy, but I got my visa from Thailand and flew over to Mandalay, and I was absolutely enthralled by the country, honestly it was something like I’ve never seen before, so many scenes could be from now or 50 years ago, and you’d never even know. Here’s just a mundane scene from a road blockage, the wedding party was just kinda waiting around, I’m pretty sure this is the bride, I got lucky how perfectly this shot was framed around her

If this thread continues there’s gonna be a lot of Myanmar photos!


Awesome colors!

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I literally couldn’t have scripted a better color scheme than what there was in this photo!

This is a fantastic photo

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Above the clouds at the top of Haleakala volcano on Maui.


Nice, was it a long hike to get up to that viewpoint?

We drove up there and just took little walks to some different viewpoints. There are trails that go down and across the summit crater which is massive but I don’t know if you can actually hike from the bottom to the summit. I saw some crazy road bikers riding to the top, that’s got to be brutal it’s just tight switchbacks the enter way up.

Ha yea sounds brutal for the bikers, but I guess they get a pretty epic ride down!

A lot of tour companies will drive you up there and then you bike down after sunrise. Skips that pesky part of biking up a mountain.

That definitely sounds more like my speed. Where’s your photo of the day Jordan?!

Haha, I had 4 yesterday so I didn’t want to
my quota! I’ll find one over the weekend.

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Here’s one from India, one of my favorite spots, Hampi. The scenery around town is spectacular, there’s great bouldering if you’re into rock climbing, and the main temple, as pictured here is a pilgrimage site that draws people from all over the country. Even though I’m not really religious you just can feel the spiritual energy here and it’s kinda cool. Normally I’m not one to wake up at 5am, but I here we are!