The unblockable Elon Musk is not serious and it's time to move on

Another part of the endless downward spiral of car dependency is that increasingly car dependent neighborhoods and cities is increasing congestion which a) increases the level of anger on the roads, which leads to risky behaviors, and b) leads to more serious outcomes when their are colliisions. Car manufacturers have done an admirable job of making cars safer for the occupants of cars when a collision happens, but when collisions happen pedestrians and cyclists are still extremely vulnerable. So you get this spiraling race to the bottom: Roads are deadly for pedestrians and cars → no one wants to walk or bike → people vote for more roads and parking → more people use their cars → roads become worse for everyone but especially for pedestrians and cars.

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By bad I mean like 5-10th percentile, not 1st percentile.

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The problem seems that right now (and likely for the foreseeable future) FSD is only better than humans in certain situations (e.g. struggles with hazy weather, cameras need to be clean and aligned, doesn’t work well in cities with lots of pedestrians, etc.). So if there were a way to limit FSD to situations where it’s better, that could help, but of course Tesla doesn’t want to do that (or admit the limitations). Plus, people are generally idiots, so lots who buy FSD are going to use in in all situations and/or not be aware enough to know when it’s not safe to use.

You guys should check out r/fuckcars

Whatever a man does with a tailpipe is cool with me, but I don’t really want to see that.


Wait until you see what you can do with a stick shift


New twitter ad. Fun times ahead.

The worker, who was not identified in the report, told inspectors that the matter had not been addressed and that safety officials at the company do not “have the reading comprehension nor the overall competency to implement a safety plan at the Redmond site.”

That $3600 fine will definitely get their attention.


Regulatory overreach!


Some Cybertruck owners say their fellow Cybertruckers are blowing things out of proportion, and one said it’s a good idea to not “…drive it in the rain, or get it wet.”



Also do not feed it after midnight.


“Others are in favor of their Cybertrucks developing orange stains, saying that they’re looking forward to the patina the stainless steel may develop.”

It’s a feature.


In fairness. Rusted brown cyber trucks roaming our post apocalyptic present is very on brand.


If this ad appeared on FB, I would expect Elon/X to file a lawsuit against the company. Instead, on X they take the money and run the ad.

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Looking into it.


Twitter isn’t even useful for breaking news anymore, which was its one useful function.

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When you’re so rich you’ve never been to Aldi