The Television Streaming Thread: Part III

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Shogun episode 9 pretty crazy

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You just had some sense she was going to die one way or another to make all the nobility abandon Ishido.

Then sending in the ninjas to make it look like Ishido was behind the mayhem. That ladies and gentlemen is how you run a false flag operation.


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Wait what? I thought it was Ishido’s doingThis text will be blurred

Reading some reviews, think you are correct and I am wrong. Leaving my incorrect read up as penance

You should spoiler your comment.

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It’s much better that way, imo. Mariko’s death is even more tragic because she seemed motivated to live after Ishido approved her to leave and stopped the suicide, and she hooked up with Blackthorne. Kind of disappointed Yabushige is a rat bastard after all.

Definitely a game you get into a flow state on and just zone out blasting stuff…


i was thinking he was still a double super secret agent on the good side. He’s just a naked survivalist. Whichever way the wind is blowing. Redemption or comeuppance next week? Redemption means he has to choose to die for Toronaga.

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Watched the first episode of Fallout last night. Felt a little long (it was, actually - 70 minutes), but it was good. Felt like it slowed down after the vault scenes, but initial episodes are often like this, as they have to establish characters, etc. Will certainly keep watching.

Will be interested in your take on how bad Max is. Like, terrible, or utter dogshit. Your choice!

I really need to replay New Vegas, the memes are reminding me how great the writing was.


I’m usually bad at keeping up with new TV, but I binged 3 Body Problem. I thought it was… ok? I liked the setup and initial mystery a whole lot more than the second half of the season, which I thought dragged and wasn’t that interesting. I can understand why the imdb rating graph has one big spike at episode 5, and then 6-8 being the lowest of the bunch. First half 8/10, second half 5/10. Will watch a second season if it happens, from what I understand the source material gets better after this anyway, so no reason to despair.

Also thought I’d try to watch Shogun and Fallout. Not yet, but maybe soon now that Shogun’s season is ending.

I want to like Shogun, but ive been watching for about 5 weeks now and gotten about 3/4 of the way through episode 1

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1st ep was the set up episode and hardest for me to get through as well. By the end of episode 2 I pretty much knew all the players and was dialed in. Stick with it, you’ll love it


If Anna Sewai does not win the Emmy for episode nine, there is no justice.

Watch Shogun. Stick with it.


Thanks, just need to find an extra gour or two to watch. A lot of my Tv viewing is done while doing extra tasks, and with the subtitle nature of Shogun I can’t do that at all.

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No the subtitles and what interpreters for translation are essential to the show.

I’m way too guilty of multi tasking. This demands direct focus. Also so much subtle stuff going on with tone, looks, and small gestures.


Cosmo Jarvis looks exactly like you’d think a man named Cosmo Jarvis would look.

Shogun is 10/10 for me. It brings the intensity like early/mid GoT. Any character can be killed at any given point so the stakes are high in so many scenes. Its the polar opposite of “second screen content”.

3 Body problem: 6/10
I feel like I’m committed to this but am also annoyed. The show doesn’t seem to be focusing on its own plot. Humanity is facing a possible extinction level encounter with a superior alien species but we’re going to devote three episodes to a random scientist’s secret crush.

Fallout: 8/10
This is probably the highest score I can give this type of show, I’m not normally into zombies or comic book like stuff. Most of the credit should be given to the original game creators for their world-building.


Yeah thats why its taken me so long, ive rarely found much more that 10-20 minutes at a time to really give my attention to something. Damn you, Spring cleaning. I should have a lazy weekend soon to be able to put a dent in it.