The Television Streaming Thread: Part II - Hot Takes, Jags Fans, and Bert

Encounter on Prime was not good. I guess Riz did a fine job acting but


Total bait and switch. No alien microbes just a psychotic guy. As a microbiologist I was very disappointed based on the advertising. Kept waiting for a big reveal. Did not happen.

Also, musical guest Charli XCX has pulled out.

Well that sucks.

Hopefully they still do the annual Christmas joke swap.

Also…Charli XCX? Does she have a new song out that I haven’t heard? Last thing I remember from her was Boom Clap, and that must be over 5 years old by now.

Also, full album scheduled to release in March and I’m guessing she has a tour scheduled after that, so SNL was probably just part of revving up the PR machine.

@ggoreo have you seen Four Seasons in Havana? I know you like cozy mysteries and foreign shows, this one is an underappreciated gem.

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I have watched the first three episodes of Wheel of Time. I have read the first 10 books years ago. I am currently doing the audiobooks and I am halfway through the penultimate one.
The tv show obviously has a big budget and I like it so far. They crammed a lot of world building into the first episodes. I have some complaints about changes from the books though because I want movies/tv shows stay close to the source material.

Hanna is great when she is doing Bourne/Hitman action scenes. It‘s a bit dumb when they do Bourne conspiracies and I absolutely hate constantly shifting allegiances in TV shows.


It’s been 20 years since I read the first book and ~3 years since I listened to the audiobook. Maybe you can answer my question.

In the first episode Morraine says that the Dragon Reborn could be either male or female. I don‘t remember that being in the book.

It wasn’t in the book.

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That‘s what I thought because that‘s just stupid and undermines the central premise of the story.

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As I am not sure about spoiler policy in here, I have blurred things concerning this week´s episode and not spoilered things that concern ones that have been out for several weeks (They are also rather minor).

The whole diversity thing is one of the major changes. I think they are trying to turn WoT into a 21st century story, which I think is fine, as RJs stereotyping may be central to his story, but it does seem outdated 30 years later.

Another good example of this is the ethnic diversity. I think it is pretty laughable to have the two rivers consist of people who are cleary of South-Asian, African, Asian and White European descent, when there whole thing is that they have been isolated for generations. But it is a world where magic is real, so I am willing to not going to question genetics.

Some of the character development changes are clearly motivated by streamlining the story (Perrin having (had) a wife and not going to Caemlyn come to mind). The one thing I find pretty problematic comes at the end of the newest episode. Rand accepting to be the Dragon Reborn and then Moiraine not taking Lan into the Blight seem very out of character, even given what we have seen on screen so far.

In general I like it a lot, but there are also some choices where you can tell that they did not have an unlimited budget - e.g. moving Siuan Sanche`s childhood from the city of Tear to a river outside of it with noone living there but her and her dad.

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One can justify anything with „a wizard did it“. The Two Rivers look like a melting pot rivaling any United Colors of Benetton ad despite being described in the books as a region so remote it hasn‘t seen a tax collector or royal bureaucrat in decades. The reason this peeves me is that the books repeatedly point out how Rand stands out by looking different from anyone else there and we‘ll find out the reason in later books.
If they wanted diversity there are many opportunities for this. The Aes Sedai and Children of the Light are from all over the world. The protagonists travel to countless places meeting hundreds of named characters in the books. So I don‘t understand this at all.

On a related note the dark-skinned questioner came across a bit like a comic book villain.

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I had the same impression of Eamon Valda and it was enhanced by recognizing the actor from his role in Love Actually

The racial stuff didn’t really bother me, except making Padan Fain black. Not sure why it bothered me so much, but he’s clearly described as a pale guy, and I thought it suited the character he develops into.

End of the world / zombie shows pet peeve: A year+ into desperate survival mode and there are fat people. Walking Dead is horrible with this.

I’m digging the new Witcher season, wasn’t a huge fan of S1 but this one feels better so far. Maybe I need to rewatch S1


I enjoyed season 1 but I really had a hard time remembering what happened and had to watch the season 1 recap and the recap didn’t help much to be honest.

Still I’m finding season 2 enjoyable and it’s easier to follow because episodes happen in chronological order unlike the season one timeline which was all over place.

11 days to Cobra Kai S4. In the middle of a rebinge prior and I still really enjoy it