The Television Streaming Thread: Part II - Hot Takes, Jags Fans, and Bert

This is my weekly rant about how the Wheel of Time series is a complete bastardization of Robert Jordan’s story.

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Ep2 of expanse much better.


Can’t wait for a fight w Amos, Bobbie, and Peaches taking out a horde


I think you’re right about the timing being largely irrelevant.

Here’s my question.

Why does Logan refer to Peter as the “pants-sniffer”? He is talking about Peter, right? Is that just a generic insult or is there something specific about Peter he is referring to?

So it’s time to spring into action. They hop into a minivan and start making plans. As long as the three of them stick together, there is a clear way to scuttle the deal. The holding company agreement means that Logan needs his three children with Caroline on board, and if they bring up the shareholder meeting UTI and Logan nearly dying at Josh’s, they can force their dad out completely. A full-blown coup. As a cherry on top, Shiv can arrange for ATN to report on Logan’s physical decline via Tom.

Like this sounds plausible if you squint. Do a full court press and hit Logan hard and fast and maybe they can pull it off.

The problem is with Logan beating his kids at their games for 3 seasons and them failing miserably, it’s even more plausible, like you said, that Logan just calls his ex after the fact and renegotiates the settlement and steamrolls the board into not replacing him.

I think the effects of that I could imagine though would be that GoJo pulls out of the deal and Waystar’s stock declines even further.

So the kids would have been fucked either way but Tom’s betrayal helps Logan get a better price than he would later and helps himself out obviously.

I gotta say that Dexter spending an entire episode trying to figure out where to dispose of a body only to randomly show up at the town square incinerator is pretty hilarious.

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Seat sniffer, per reddit its someone trying to “sniff out” a seat in the house of lords. Basically its implied that Logan will use his political influence to get him nominated for a peerage. Logan seems to also be using it as a double entendre to basically call him creepy/weird too i guess

I like that Daredevil tries to put D’Onofrio into the shot in every possible way. They know what the fans want: D’Onofrio and crazy long fight scenes using an extended tracking shot.


Episode 7 was the biggest wtf episode yet. It’s like the people that adapted the books to the screen are just trying to rush through the journey in a very linear way, and just pulling out random events and characters and sticking them in in different places like it’s all interchangeable. Even with major events that are really pivotal to the story. There’s so little character development I can’t imagine people who haven’t read the story developing any sort of attachment to the characters. It’s just a giant disappointing mess. Originally I told myself that I was going to watch anyway because the story really holds a special place in my mind, but now I don’t think I will. I don’t think the people who are producing this deserve it since they have been so horribly unfaithful to the story.

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Daredevil is like “We’re going to show this guy’s back story. And D’Orofino is just hanging around in the background.” doesn’t make any sense, but I’m glad he’s there. And also D’Orofino lives in Daredevil’s head so we can insert him into any scene. I’m loving it.

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I would like to see more about what’s going on inside the ring. Seems like a side plot by now and one that won’t get a satisfactory resolution by the end of the series.

Like, the two scenes with the little girl and the creatures take 5 minutes of the first two episodes this season, while the protomolecule was the main plot driver for at least two seasons.

I also don’t get what’s up with Filip. Is he sad about his mom so he compensates by banging randoms and killing his friend?

I still enjoy watching the series though. Looking forward to some answers in the remaining episodes.

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Lots of speculation that the producers are trying to leave the ring stuff open to get someone to do books 7-9. No idea how anything ties back into the main plot.

Think one of two will happen

Philip kills Marco OR
Marco kills Philip and Naomi kills Marco

Amos or Peaches sacrifices for the other OR
They go out in a suicide mission of glory together.

(Have not read any of the books, pure TV speculation).

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Goddamn, new Expanse and Daredevil and Witcher? Got a lot of nerd TV to catch up on.

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Is there new daredevil or what? I don’t see it

man, the entire 7th episode was full of character development. I think you’re just upset that it’s not following the book story line perfectly, but it’s still incredibly close to the books.

I thought the episode tonight was amazing.

No sorry, that was a brain fart. I’m only now catching up on S3 --somehow in my mind it’s new.

HAha I was like goddamn new season out of no where

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Been so long forgot entire The Witcher story

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This studly dude with amazing hair kills monsters for money and bones sorceresses. It’s a commentary on capitalism.


Matrix 4 in like 3 days as well

Like the character development where they reveal who the dragon reborn is by having the character announce it? One of the main drivers of the first three books is that he doesn’t accept that he’s the Dragon Reborn. Here they just jam it into the plot at the end of what should be the first book by having him announce it and play some footage from the past that they withheld from the viewer (which is really lame).They have made the Dark One’s prison the Eye of the World for some reason. They completely changed the course of their journey to get to the Eye, skipping over Camlyn completely and meeting Elayne, Gawyn, Galad, and Elida, which is a pretty significant piece of the plot. Moiraine sends the red red ajah after Matt for some reason, which, again completely destroys a significant plot driver of the original story (the tension between the reds and blues and their inherent distrust of Moiraine, and the fact that Moiraine had to work in complete secrecy from basically the rest of the White Town much less anyone from the red ajah). It’s just a completely different story they are telling at this point using the world Robert Jordan created. Then there are a bunch of little details that are annoying, like giving Perrin a wife and also making him love Egwene. Or sending Moiraine and Rand into the Blight by themselves without even Lan (which makes no sense because Lan is her warded and like the only person alive who has any significant experience dealing with the horrors of the Blight).