The Television Streaming Thread: Now With Felonies

I have never been that facemelted by TV. A+ foreshadowing too.

I love that every theory I had was completely wrong. Fantastic writing.

That was so sick.

Weren’t the other seasons of Succession 10 episodes?

What am I gonna do with a soul anyways?


I can’t wait to see Greg’s Greg

What was the mom’s motivation for agreeing to the deal? Mainly her new husband wanted to work w/ Logan?

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Stuff like this is a fair question since they did spend a whole episode about having to kiss Adrian Brody’s ass because he owns 4% of the shares and that was enough in a close board vote. If they’re going to do that, I’m not then completely satisfied that they are maybe going to hand wave a board vote to sell the entire company to GoJo. That would still presumably require a majority vote, even though Logan got Caroline to waive the supermajority requirement.

That said, the finale was great and every actor absolutely killed it.

Agree that the finale was very entertaining - so much so that there’s been no mention so far of Connor’s mid-intervention tantrum, which they all basically just ignore lol. Also agree that I’m not sure everything fits, but I don’t really care. When Logan made the bogus offer to buy Kendall out, wasn’t Kendall going to get like $2 billion? Wouldn’t the GoJo acquisition result in Shiv, Roman, and Kendall all becoming liquid billionaires? I mean I get that they want power in addition to money, but it’s not like they were going to be out on the street.

Also when they were like “oh cool we can stop him because Mom controls the holding company” or whatever, nobody thinks to double check they have her in the bag.

During the scene when Kendall tells Shiv and Roman about the accident with the waiter all I could think was “lol Jeremy Strong wouldn’t rehearse this” and how I believe the awkwardness between Culkin and Strong is geniune.

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Yeah the episode was great but the business stuff makes no sense. The mom has no standing at all to waive the kids voting rights, come on.

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2 episodes into final season of Hannah. Seems like they are mailing it in. Just like with Orphan Black we have the late series new/shocking ultimate villain reveal.



Other thing I didn’t like was Kendall’s instant switch from suicidal desperation on the ground in the back alley to basically ok and ready to roll during the car ride minutes later. That could have used the extra episode to flesh out.

Exactly. The mysterious overlord, often the parent of a protagonist.

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My understanding is the holding company was a direct result of the divorce settlement so if the parents redo the settlement they can alter the structure of the holding company.

As a euro I can only watch US shows one day late, and forgot not to check social media this morning so I got the Tom ending semi-spoiled, but I still got chills at that scene, wow.

Perfect ending for an amazing season, there was one weak-ish ep but overall almost flawless. This went by too fast too…and now we’re back to the “waiting for the next season of succession” mode :cry:

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Ah, the Zemus.

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