The Television Streaming Thread: Now With Felonies

A thread for the shows that you enjoy/enjoyed or dam right loved :star_struck: Over the years. :sunglasses:

Years & years
An ordinary British family contends with the hopes, anxieties and joys of an uncertain future in this six-part limited series that begins in 2019 and propels the characters 15 years forward into an unstable world.

Also available on the BBC Iplayer

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I heard that was good.

I’m 1 episode down, so far so good :+1:

You’re welcome

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Saw a few more episodes of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

Was disappointed with the Seth Rogen episode. Loved the two-parter with Ricky but I do think that Seinfeld is a douchebag. I’m positive that he watches his own stand-up specials for inspiration.


Wait til you get to the episode with him talking about Bobcat Goldwaith. Comes off as a super douche.

I read about that.

I can see why Seinfeld would be pissed at him. Nobody likes being accused of dating teenagers when they’re anywhere above 21 years old and he was 38 when Bobcat made that accusation.

I guess Everett can’t be too close of friends with Bobcat since she didn’t call Jerry out for his response.

I’ve watched many episodes sometime ago but I can’t bring myself to watch it anymore because I can’t stand Seinfeld. He is a huge douche, completely full of himself.

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Rogan was def overwhelmed talking to Jerry. And Jerry has no problem not talking to make the other person more uncomfortable.

I think it’s interesting Jason Alexander hasn’t been on the show when he’s had Julia Richard Dreyfuss, Michael Richards and Larry David on. Jason is super liberal. Wonder if that has anything to do with it. Maybe he hates Seinfeld.

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I’m trying out the new Veronica Mars on Hulu. Unsure about it two episodes in. #2 was better than #1 so that’s a good sign.

Jason Alexander was on the very first show though he played the role of George Costanza.

Watched the first episode of Game of Thrones. Was bored, and it looks like it’ll take close attention to learn the characters and plots.

Should I invest?

Three years ago I would have said “yea, duh” but now… eh. The first episode was a bit slow IIRC–try watching a couple more and see if it pulls you in, but don’t force it.

The early seasons required a little more attention than later seasons to understand who’s who and follow the plot (especially when you had to wait a week between episodes), but it shouldn’t be too hard to follow if you’re binging.

I had to search for it b/c I couldn’t find it. All I saw was a blurry Super Bowl commercial on YouTube that was about 2 minutes.

Weird, on my Netflix it’s the episode with Jay Leno.

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Opinions on Spotify vs. Amazon music unlimited?

Kids are lobbying for Spotify family plan, but you can’t download mp3 right? But Amz unltd you can?

I use Spotify. I have no need to download music because I’m not using Napster in the 1990s.

Anyway, you can download them.

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Have only used spotify the last few months. Really sorry I never joined sooner.

No idea about downloads but does it really matter now we are connected to internet everywhere? I have 0 downloaded I but can play whatever I want whenever I want. Am I doing it wrong?