THE Super Tuesday Mega-Gameday Sweat

And then there were 5…
Bernie Sanders
Joe Biden
Elizabeth Warren
Tulsi Gabbard
And, in his first appearance, Mike Bloomberg

14 states, one territory and 1,357 delegates up for grabs today

It’s time for the candidates to put their big girl pants on and show us what they’re made of


Do I use my political one time today, or do I hold on to it for November?

Let’s goooooooo


I’m scared


Several MAGA chuds at my polling station this AM chomping at the bit for an argument.


Hope they were there to register Dem to vote for Bernie like Trump asked


I’ll burn mine today so you can hang on to yours. Luckily I was one of those assholes in 2016 who was so confident Hill would win I didn’t use it then.



Data for Progress polling out today looks very ugly for Sanders

Jesus. The PredictIt market has flipped wildly in favor of Biden to be the nominee. I’m not even going to post it since it made me so sad I don’t want others to see it.

5:30am and i’m already shook. Today is going to be rough

Crosstabs were fucked on that one. Still feelsbadman

I’m also nervous. My polling place in Virginia was pretty quiet this morning.

Can someone explain to me how the poll was conducted since before SC and yet there no Pete/Klob numbers included while still adding up to 100%

Oof, Predicit’s map is not looking good right now:


Note - vote totals for candidates that have dropped out represent estimated early vote shares. Those who have not voted have had their vote imputed from second choice.

Data for Progress conducted polls of likely voters from 02/28/2020 to 03/02/2020

Seems like pretty shoddy methodology to me. Also lol at me not being able to read apparantly.

After the drop outs, I expected this to happen.

Establishment successfully gamed the system against Bernie. Fuck it. Might as well not have primaries anymore.


531’s forecast has been trending in a very, very bad direction since SC :(

Fortunately you’ll have an opportunity to vote Bernie for president no matter what :)

Piece of shit Warren playing her role by running in a race she can’t win, ratfucking Bernie in the process.

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This. The primary system is insanity.

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