The Sacredest Of Sacred Cows: Getting Coffee During A Pandemic

And the people you come into contact with while you’re out there living your life knowing you’re at high risk for being infected - they can just go fuck themselves?

Like, you’re the people who need to be quarantined the most.


They’re in the same boat as us. We’re masked up, wearing gloves, and hoping for the best.

I may be radically overestimating how much quarantine the rest of you are doing actually. I’m mostly talking about getting take out now and then and coffee. We’re not seeing anyone for any reason and I’m really careful at the grocery store the 3 times I’ve been since this started.


What are you talking about? You’re mad that he gets a takeout coffee when his wife is on the front lines? Fuck that.


Seriously Starbucks will give us free coffee. If you think nurses in ICU’s aren’t availing themselves of that you’re nuts. We’re WAY lower risk than they are.

Let’s be really clear too: there are no cases at my wife’s job yet. Hopefully we keep running good.

Someone in my regular D&D game already came down with it. Thankfully the game had gone online a month prior. If we’d had one more IRL setting I’d have the deaths of probably 10+ old people directly on my conscience. This is a seriously fucked up time to be alive.

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? Yes. Make your fucking coffee at home. Are you serious?


They suck too!

I cannot imagine being a healthcare worker and doing anything other than commuting from work directly home and staying there until my next shift. You’re endangering these food service workers, and your wife is endangering the old people she works with.

Like Jesus Christ this blows my mind that ya’ll have been regularly reading this thread and think this shit is ok.

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They hand you a coffee through the window. It’s been deemed safe.

None of us are supposed to be doing anything outside the home that can potentially spread the virus.

I’m not asking front line workers to make more sacrifices than me when it comes to the few things we can still buy in public.


Oh ok then. Carry on.

Fuck off with this self-righteous BS. Getting a coffee at a takeout window while wearing a mask isn’t putting anyone at risk.

Front line healthcare workers deserve leeway, they’re putting their lives on the line for us.


I used to eat out 95 percent of meals or something stupid and I’ve done takeout maybe twice in the last month. And I don’t do shit but play poker from home. Surprised to hear other people are going to Starbucks and such

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There’s very little chance this is true.

If it’s remotely easy to give something to a Starbucks worker in that tiny amount of interaction time, then grocery store workers would be dropping like flies.

There are 100s of things happening out there every day that have to be orders or magnitude more risky than a quick coffee exchange where both parties are wearing masks and taking every precaution and the whole thing lasts 15 seconds. One of the biggest risk factors is spending 10 minutes or more around someone. Takeout food has been allowed everywhere, and so far no one’s had to shut it all down as a major vector.

Stop judging people based on your undue paranoia.

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Front line healthcare workers do not deserve leeway regarding social distancing and prevention measures. That’s not the prize they get. And it is very much not self righteous to point out that “hey I’m probably going to get this disease either way” is fucking terrible reasoning to excuse taking quarantine way less seriously than the rest of us.

Like, on a personal level it is pretty infuriating that my wife and I work at home and have completely upended our lives, including refraining from takeout, or taking walks in the large park next to our house that’s always packed with people, or coffee shops, or fucking literally anything we enjoy doing - even though we certainly do not have COVID(!) - only to hear “yeah we’re in the highest risk group for infection so we’ve kinda decided YOLO gimme that Starbucks”.


A 15 second interaction at Starbucks where both parties are wearing masks just isn’t that dangerous. If it was grocery stores would be 1000x worse breeding grounds and workers there would be getting sick in epidemic numbers.

I’d at least tip the Starbucks employees. They’re on the front lines of this too.


It seems like some grocery store workers are dying albeit not in cataclysmic numbers as you point out. It also seems liie grocery store workers trend very young and are unlikely to die.


Ok so like… if we change the facts and someone came in and was like “just left the hospital, turns out I tested positive for COVID - gonna stop and grab some Starbucks and a pizza to bring home for the family, then I’ll be right back home”. That person is an asshole, right?

Bottom line is almost everything is shut down right now. If the local govt deems something safe enough to still be open, they could certainly be wrong, but I’m not going to judge people for actually using it.

Especially front line healthcare workers who could use a free coffee as possibly one of the few bright spots in their day.

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Yes that person is an asshole.

Someone with no symptoms and nothing but a higher risk because of the heroic job they’re doing - not so much imo.

Are you made about healthcare workers getting coffee at Starbucks - or anyone getting coffee at Starbucks? You seem to flip back and forth.

Both, but it is 100x worse for healthcare workers.

I just don’t understand how you think it’s ok for someone at a high risk for having COVID to do these things, when you have no way of knowing whether you’re infected or not, but NOT ok for the confirmed infected guy to do it. It’s the same.