The Professional Wrestling Thread

Used to visit the Wrestling forum a lot at the old website, but they are a little too jaded about modern wrestling. I’ve been loving every second of content that AEW is putting out. Anyone else watching?

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I have little to no time anymore. Im relegated to watching and being disappointed with the rumble and mania and thats about it.

Same. I gave AEW a try but couldn’t stick with it. I don’t find I really identify with modern-day wrestling anymore either – I watched a bit of the Elite/Young Bucks match from Revolution and couldn’t understand why everyone was orgasming over it.

Part of it was the build up for the last 6 months. Hangman Page is a rising star and those 4 are phenomenal athletes. AEW is putting long term story telling front and center and it’s refreshing.

I started a wrestling thread on the interim site to express my love for Orange Cassidy.

AEW Double or Nothing is in Las Vegas on May 23. So is the follow-up episode of Dynamite. Considering going out there pre-WSOP to watch.

That should be time stamped but if not the sequence that starts at 21:05 is insane.

What kills me is a part of Wrestlemania card is looking like

John Cena v The Fiend
Undertaker v AJ Styles
Oldberg v Roman Reigns
Brock Lesnar v Drew McIntyre

I’m fine with the last as Lesnar is still a beast…

I’ve got Oldberg and Undertaker snap all time great intros…

God damn it why are they still wrestling.

Develop you fucking talent Vince, stop looking back for Oldbergs

Just want to do a little flex since this thread came up

I have only been to one live wrestling event.

Middle school friend had tickets to RAW being held in Lex and I was invited along.

So on a scale of the main event ranging from 1-10 where 10 is Stone Cold v The Rock for the WWE title…

Hell if I remember anything about the rest of the show…

Don’t follow this sport at all anymore but this was reported on the major new outlets so thought it reasonable to bump

Also being reported on the news outlets, Tampa government is set to have a press conference today that will determine whether wrestlemania happens this year.

Hangman GOAT

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Alright thats really good.

Since this got bumped, Smackdown is airing now closed door.

Last bullet point ruined everything.

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Say what you want this put a smile on my face.

So hard to imagine Wrestlemania occurring in this sort of arena. I just assumed they would cancel every PPV until they could hold Wrestlemania in front of a crowd.

Thing about Wrestlemania is that is it has to happen.

NCAAB can move on

WWE can’t move on without Roman beating Oldberg, Drew beating Brock, Edge beating Orton…etc etc…

Seems pointless still having Undertaker and Oldberg on the card. The only cool thing about having them back would be seeing the entrances and the crowd pop, but now that’s out the window. The matches are gonna be horrible.

I guess you’ll have to go to the tweet to see the animated gif.

OSW is releasing all new videos (anything that would be locked behind paywall) on youtube for free until this all passes

Wrestlemania XXX currently airing on ESPN. Don’t see how Daniel Bryan can possibly beat HHH and then expected to be able to compete in a triple threat match against Orton and Batista.

Also, how quickly is Undertaker going to beat Brock Lesnar?