The Presidency of Donald J. Trump, Episode VI: No Witnesses, One Defector, No Checks or Balances

This is the sxth iteration of this community’s ongoing discussion of Donald Trump’s presidency. The previous five had to be abandoned for either technical reasons or because we moved to a new forum. The most recent previous version can be found here.

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C+ thread title

Episode VI: The Fattened Menace

(I’m anti-fat jokes, but can’t pass up pretty much any joke. There is a conflict.)



Our economy is on the verge of collapse and yet also the envy of the world.

Episode VI: The Rise of… a perpetual Democratic majority who make good on their promises to enact Socialist-leaning policies that benefit all Americans (Genre: Fantasy)


Yikes, I hope that’s a fake pic. Is anybody currently paying prices that high?

That’s the current range in my city, which is usually a bit lower than SF.

Seems right for California. California prices have always been significantly higher than what I see in Texas.

And of course the picture could have taken place anytime in the last three years.

So much for CA GOAT.

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We pay taxes and lead the country in the vast reduction in air pollution that has occurred during our lifetime. We spend more on social services and we have a budget surplus. Yeah, CA GOAT.


Lol the cheapest petrol in England right now is £1.25 per litre. So like a fiver a gallon. Which is 7.50ish American. :)

Can’t wait for the next 10,000 posts


You can blame Pelosi!

At least get the homeless people to pump gas!

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