The Pets of Unstuck

This is a thread for sharing the joys in our lives that are our pets. I’ve seen photos of many pets pop up on a variety of different threads, but am surprised there’s not yet been a dedicated location for us to talk about our companions.

For me, it’s Waylon:

He’s a 4 year old beagle mix, and without a doubt he’s my best friend. We go for an hour hike every morning and it’s the best part of my day. I walk about 2 miles and his little hound nose has him zig-zagging easily twice the distance I go.

He’s black and white, like a cow - but with the nose, markings, and personality of a beagle. He howls and bays, and absolutely LIVES for sniffing up bunnies.

Dogs, cats, reptiles, rodents…who keeps you company?


Waylon is a really great name for a dog imo and Waylon is cute as hell.

OP, if this next question isn’t welcome in this thread, let me know and I’ll edit it out.

Does it make me a bad person if I buy a doberman puppy from a breeder? I’ve wanted a dobe my whole entire life (well ever since the Snoop Dogg video where he morphs into one) and with the new house we just bought, we’ll have an appropriate yard for one. But I ask because 1) the doberman rescue by us has older dobes that they say won’t be good with toddlers (getting a puppy who’s raised with my daughter should be fine), and b) I know dog pounds need mutts rescued (and I love mutts, I grew up with two amazing ones). Again, I don’t want to derail in post #2, but I could use some advice.

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He’s so shiny!


isildur1 keeps to herself most of the time. she’s super chill. when she’s hungry she’ll wait until i’m walking around the house and run up next to her empty dish and sit there quietly. easily one of the best cats of all time.


Bro says thank you for the compliments and I say, no you’re obv not a bad person for wanting a purebred.

Yes, there are always rescues in need of adoption support but that will never not be the case. There are also purebreds that need a GOOD home, so remember that.

As an alternative to adoption, and depending on your situation, you could donate money to a local shelter or provide assistance in the form of donated food or toys/treats. This might assuage some of your ‘guilt’ and provide a great benefit to a local organization.

For what it’s worth, I always wanted a beagle but we chose to adopt a beagle mix. He’s got all the personality/behavior traits of a beagle without being a purebred. Now that I’ve got him, I could never imagine buying a purebred in lieu of adopting a similar mix, as there are many in need of a home - especially w beagles and other hounds (I’m not saying this to guilt you). There a chance you could do a bunch of research and find a mix that suits your wants AND gives you the satisfaction of helping a dog in need.

If this doesn’t fit for you, get a purebred. They still need loving homes!


Nilly. 9 1/2 year old German Shepherd that still barks and jumps and pulls and runs like a 3 year old. People routinely driving by stop to ask about her - she literally stops traffic.



I gave you the heart like, but wanted to say thanks for the thoughtful reply.

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I’m considering going to a breeder for a Belgian shepherd. I like the black ones, but they’re pretty rare. A rescue near me has three puppies right now, but is putting restrictions on who they’ll consider adopting dogs to and I don’t feel like lying to get one. Adoption fee is $500 versus $1200 and includes spay/neuter. Pretty good deal. Here’s the dog that sold me on the breed:


I got my dog for free from some nice meth addicts out in the desert.


Cheers mate.


This is Rabbit. A German shorthair pointer who likes to chase rabbits.


This was my cat.


Roxie is my bff


She’s afraid of the pool but keeps an eye on me from a short distance (this is post summer haircut)


Here is my beloved baby playing in the stream close to our house. Splish splash!


Kind of sad because he has lived across the country from me for four years post-divorce and I was planning on visiting him this year and thanks to covid might not get the chance as he’s almost twelve, but here is Topo celebrating:


This is Nico, a hound/beagle mix who at 12 years young can still go for a hike with mom and dad and get that fresh mountain air.

And this is his younger brother, master, and king, Kiwi, who runs this house.

Bonus: this is Salem, Kiwi’s stray girlfriend who hangs outside our house and gets fed dinner every night.



Ruby. 17, grumpy, needs an injection twice a day (insulin), yet still probably the finest animal to have ever lived.



Do garden hermits count as pets?