The Inso0 AMA: Now featuring, "it's just a flu"

I would like to volunteer to be a mod. My first and only action will be to immediately perma ban inso. I will then immediately resign. Can I count on your vote?


I’d support this if you remove the part about resigning. 3-6 month term as a mod imo.

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It’s kind of fun to have a right winger to dunk on though.

I really just want ins0 to start an AMA on his career.

If this is the plan, I think Wookie should get the nod for old times’ sake.

Or if someone on this forum is ElliotR in disguise, I’d choose him instead.

I agree with micro. That doesn’t work like that. Then you have to remain mod for some period of time and do the work of keeping everyone from killing each other.

Nah, I’m too much of a loose cannon for modding duties. Other than this no-brainer action.

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Why are you even here? Serious question.

You know you are widely disliked in this group. Not just internet disliked, but for real. Many, many people here genuinely don’t like you as a person. Every time you post you get mountains of abuse in return.

Why do you voluntarily subject yourself to this?

Subject myself to what, exactly?

The mountains of abuse says far more about those that give it than it does me. When you say “many, many people” don’t like me as a person, I would counter by pointing out that as far as I’m aware, nobody here has ever met me.

I don’t take this personally, and if we were locked in a quarantine room together for 2 weeks, you would likely find that I’m not the cartoon character you’ve led yourself to believe in. I don’t actually think 99% of the things that I’m accused of here when people twist words and throw silly accusations. I have no hatred in my heart for anyone or anything, except the goddamned city buses that I get stuck behind for sometimes 3 entire light cycles at 20th and 27th and Fond Du Lac on my commute. WHAT’S THE HOLDUP, BUS!?

If you want to ban me because I don’t parrot the groupthink, that’s up to you.

Until then, I find many of you entertaining and will pop in from time to time.

Edit: See? Even the Google Maps car is stuck behind one at that intersection. Note the light is green, and it’ll probably sit there at least through that green light and potentially 2 more for reasons that I truly cannot comprehend. The maniacs I drive alongside in Milwaukee will usually just illegally go around it from the left lane. I just sit and rage about it instead. Buses are just the worst.

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You are a bad person and should rethink how you are living your life.

You are entitled to your opinion, as uninformed as it may be.

Opinions of you aren’t uninformed, because they’re based on what you’ve posted about yourself.

Did you get banned from 22 again?

You’d think so, but here we are. Don’t misconstrue my lack of protest against every falsehood spoken against me with a concession.

Not that I’m aware of.

Ins0 ban seems pretty bad to me. I mean I’m not losing sleep over it, because he sucks and I don’t care that much, but people should be allowed to make relatively benign dumbass conservative talking points here.

I always found that it was super valuable as a lurker ~10 years ago to see a bunch of people dismantle conservative talking points du jour.


Inso ban is real bad, imo. As much as I think his opinions are evil, he is, at the very least, posting in what appears to be good faith. As such, he didn’t violate a single rule that has even been formally voted on, let alone those that met 60%+ approval. He should be unbanned, and anyone wanting to ban him should propose and get feedback on a rule that he would be in violation of.

To add, “trolling” and “unpleasantness” are not against the community standards that have been adopted. He’s knowingly posting unpopular opinions, yes, but they do appear to be ones that he genuinely holds, and they are consistent with his history, and as such, they constitute good faith. If you don’t want his hot landlord takes in whatever thread he was in, that’s a moderation failure, not his.


I can go either way on the ban, but he’s definitely telling some baldfaced lies about his tenants.

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His ban was reversed 3 hours ago

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I have to concede that many of his anecdotes seem dubious, but they’re sort of in “It’s not a lie if you believe it” territory in my estimation. He’s certainly not the first person here telling dubious anecdotes.

Good news, but it never should have happened. I still say that either the banner or someone in favor of a ban should write out a rule he or she thinks should be adopted and that he should be banned under, mostly because, full disclosure, it’ll help elucidate what a bullshit ban this was. I’ll also accept eating crow.