The Future Non-Presidency of Ronald Dion DeSantis

I continue to be very bullish on this guy and think the below article speaks to a lot of the reasons why.

Basically, there isn’t going to be any fragmentation among non-Trump candidates this time. They’re all in for Desantis and the big money donors and just as importantly conservative media are on board.

In the year after the Presidential election, Fox News producers asked DeSantis to appear at least a hundred and ten times, and he agreed at least thirty-four times. They posted some three hundred and forty stories about him online. The coverage drew attention from across the country. This March, DeSantis’s campaign and his political-action committee, Friends of Ron DeSantis, reported raising a hundred and ten million dollars. Nearly forty per cent of it came from out-of-state contributors, including the billionaires Peter Thiel and Ken Griffin.

He’s going to win over the frothers with this stuff, too:

As DeSantis prepared to run for reëlection, he introduced a series of legislative measures that seemed calculated to spark similar fights, and to inspire fevered discussion outside of Florida. Many rested on flimsy legal grounds. One bill banned “sanctuary cities,” in which local governments refuse to coöperate with federal officials to deport undocumented immigrants; Florida has no such cities. Another bill created a police force dedicated to preventing election fraud; almost no fraud has been proved in recent Florida elections. DeSantis also dispatched a battalion of state law-enforcement officers to Texas to help stop illegal immigration, even though the nearest portion of the Mexican border is nearly nine hundred miles away. (As DeSantis saw off the troops, Fox covered the moment live.)

Also, he occasionally governs:

For DeSantis, it was a rare moment of publicity for his policy agenda rather than for his fight with the liberal establishment. “Compared to the culture-war measures, the mainstream stuff he has enacted is almost invisible,” Jon Mills, a former House speaker and a co-director of the University of Florida’s Center of Governmental Responsibility, told me. “But there’s a lot of it.” Many of these measures have enjoyed broad support. DeSantis persuaded the legislature to create one of the country’s first wildlife corridors and steered more than a billion dollars to Everglades restoration (even if much of the money came from Biden’s infrastructure plan). He signed a measure to temporarily suspend the state gasoline tax, and raised salaries for public-school teachers.

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This was a good (infuriating) podcast:

Also, he’s pretty elite at attacking reporters in a way that’s going to make right-wing voters orgasmic.

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Trump will eat “Harvard Ron’s” lunch on a debate stage imo.

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He’s running

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DeSantis is absolutely going to crush this primary.

DeSantis 40c, Trump 36c on PI right now

Where is twitterbot

I can at least comprehend a typical voter for the other 5 choices, but who the fuck is saying “Yeah, Mike Pence is my number one choice!”

Some people are wierd like that. Maybe extremely low information voters who just know him as Trump’s VP

Similar to Pompeo, blind religious devotion. Same sect or whatever.

WSJ seems done with Trump

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I don’t know, the mainstream press is so obsessed with both-sidesing everything to prove how unbiased they are, it seems almost inevitable that they will publish Ivanka’s Op Ed on how Donnie Dumb Dumb was America’s greatest leader and everyone else is a hater and a loser.

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lol, remember when the post-left guys tried to convince us all that Joe Rogan was our ally?


It’s our fault for being mean to him, ldo.


Joe Rogan has been driven into the arms of Republicans by identity politics!


This is almost 100% how he legitimately feels.


Rogan and Elon Musk are both anti-woke republicans now. Time to get those passports ready.