The Battle For Female Bodily Autonomy: The Right's War on Women

Considering the recent SCOTUS ruling I thought the subject was due for it’s own thread

This group has mobilized to drive mobile abortion services, medication and actual abortions to the borders of states that have already enacted trigger laws.


a facebook friend posted one of those dumb “if you need to go CAMPING and there are no CAMPGROUNDS in your state then I will take you CAMPING in my state” copypastas and I just couldn’t stop myself from responding

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hey guys we have this hyperelite secret code, the cops will never figure this one out!

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I don’t really know that much about what kinds of things I could be doing about… (waves hands) all this. But one thing that makes sense to me is to support groups that are providing logistical help to people who need abortion care and now suddenly can’t get it. For example:

Whatever the law or whatever the courts decide, people have always had abortions and always will.

One of the most pivotal things you can do at this moment is to support abortion funds. Abortion funds provide funding, travel, lodging, and other wrap-around supports. This network of abortion funds exists to fill the gaps in care and we will continue working together in collaboration to make abortion access possible for anyone, where ever they live, and wherever they are seeking care.

This one just distributes funds nationally to a whole bunch of different organizations. I should probably also reach out more directly to some local groups (I’m in NM, but very close to Texas), and I’m sure there’s also volunteering options. So I don’t really know if this is the best way to donate, but it seems worth mentioning.

I have no idea what will happen with attempts at federal bans, or state laws trying to prosecute people for helping others across state lines, and I have no idea how effective or not Democrats will be at a national level trying to address these problems. But I expect there will always be some opportunity to help people, legal or not.

Thanks to microbet for this link, by the way.


What’s up with that last graph? Does anyone have a cite? This wasn’t helpful (which may be my issue not its issue)

Pregnancy Mortality Surveillance System

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I was curious about the increase and its at least partially better data capture.

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Done this a few times. It was traumatic for me, can’t imagine for mom

Just moved to WA state from SC - I am so relieved because I know SC is already working to have equally strict laws. People on social media deol back home cheering for the overturning, it makes me sick.


Marchers in SLC left this behind (Cox is the GOP governor).


I am so glad to have left, just in time.


Enjoy the wonders of the PNW. Fuck the south, welcome home.

Edit: noticed you only said Washington state. If thats Spokane, my condolences. There is a lot of wonderous stuff about 300 miles west

It is actually Spokane :laughing: It still beats the tiny Hicksville I came from lol.

But you’re absolutely right, fuck the South.

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Lol, sorry. Spokane isnt THAT bad, and its certainly not the south. Just brace for the really cold winters, and take some time to head over the cascades and enjoy Seattle now that youre nearby


I’ve never been there, but climate data seems fine? Looks pretty normal for a place with 4 seasons.

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I hate everything about this headline.

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