Spoiler policy for TV/Movies?

Curious what people think this should be. For example, if someone started a Star Wars thread in anticipation of The Rise of Skywalker, I imagine that plot points from The Last Jedi, tRoS trailers, and speculation based on those would not need spoilers. Discussion of the content of the actual movie would need spoilers until some time after the release of the movie, so how long should that be?

If the thread also included discussion of The Mandalorian, how would you use spoilers to talk about it? In the era of binge-watching streamed shows, should talk about the plot of a TV show be spoilered until the start of the next season to give viewers time to catch up?

These are things that I would like to talk about on the internet. I don’t think we need to set spoiler rules in stone, but I’d at least like some idea of how other people approach using spoiler tags so I can get in line. As it is, I hinted about something in the Netflix/Hulu thread about the CW’s Crisis crossover without actually giving it away. I would have used a spoiler tag if I had named who I was referring to. Does that seem fair?

> one of the site’s best has done this already

I am strongly in favor of spoiler tags for all movies and TV shows. There is almost always a delay between when movies/shows open/air in the US compared to the rest of the world. Then there is the further matter that not everyone goes out and watches it on the opening weekend or the day it airs on TV. I often wait for TV shows to be available on a streaming service. The Walking Dead season 9 for example was only added to Netflix last month.
I also like to wait until there are are a few seasons available before binge-watching it. I haven’t seen Westworld yet but definitely plan to do so in the future.

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LOL, I posted in that thread and I guess I forgot about it.


Yeah spoilers are needed well after something’s aired. I usually wait until the whole season’s out and then get around to watching it. Unless there’s a dedicated thread for a show that I know to avoid before watching, non-spoiler spoilers in a catch-all Netflix or TV thread should be avoided


How about something arbitrary like a less-than-six-months-since-release rule of thumb, with anything older than that being generally acceptable to show without spoiler unless someone asks.

Strongly against that. I regularly wait longer than that to watch a show or movie.

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People are insanely overly hysterical about spoilers. Like 2% of films can actually be harmed by spoilers. No superhero, Star Wars, fantasy or action movie can be spoiled. Everyone with a functioning brain cell knows the ending before it starts.

don’t know how SW will end, and would prefer not knowing until I see it for myself. So I’m going to stay clear of the SW and movie threads until I have.

think if a tv show had aired, it’s fair game unless it’s in a general discussion thread where some may not have seen it yet.

That’s your opinion. Mine is different.

The Jedis win. There is spoiled Star Wars.

Insta IP ban obv

Is this a serious take? At the end of your life you die. Have I now spoiled your life? lol

It’s sort of a joke but also true. Action comic fantasy movies can’t be spoiled because the good guy always wins. Good movies are not beholden to that formula and you can be genuinely surprised.

Not every good guy survives for example.