Should Julian Assange be pardoned?

Are you guys actually against pardoning Assange? Seems like a pardon would be pretty good.

If the president was a cat, Assange would fry.

My default has always been that he should be pardoned like Snowden absolutely should. But Assange was before I started following news and there seem to be some things about him and the whole wikileaks thing that I’m not familiar with. He doesn’t seem to have the same support among people like myself that Snowden does and I’m not sure why

I’m not but I don’t think Trump will do it

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Come on man, he colluded with Stone, Trump, and Russia. Also a bad house-guest.


Nothing he was charged with had anything to do with that!

A functioning democracy and judicial system thought he should face accusations that he raped two women.

Oh, ok. So Trump might as well pardon Al Capone while he’s doing Assange.

So Snowden revealed stuff the US government was doing to its own citizens at scale that was already getting abused at a local level by people who had access. Assange’s big claim to fame is finding some closeted transgender soldier with a mid tier security clearance and scamming her into making an absolutely life altering fuck up so that a bunch of routine, unsurprising, and totally unimportant documents that were mildly embarrassing to the US (because of frank language from diplomats about their counterparties with other countries… the kind of chatter that should be happening).

Snowden is a hero who sacrificed himself for our privacy and Julian Assange is almost certainly a Russian asset. They shouldn’t be compared to one another as beyond the fact that they both are related to leaks of classified government material they have nothing in common.


Right. I don’t know all the details. He coordinated with Stone regarding the release of Hillary’s emails, correct? Being a Trump supporter (or anti Hillary) shouldn’t override whistleblowing on illegal government activities

What do you think of Greenwald? Good guy or bad guy?

I mean nothing he did with the 2016 election seems to have run afoul of the law, let alone worth 175 years in prison. But if you’re openly admitting that you only want him to die in prison because of those election shenanigans I guess there’s not much else to say.

I wouldn’t call video of Americans mowing down civilians and reporters from an Apache and laughing about it something routine and unsurprising to most regular people


He can stand trial. Don’t sell yourself short. You always more to say.

Ok I’ll take your word for it. All I know id Chelsea Manning was treated horribly by our government. I also think Greenwald is solidly behind Assange, which made me assume his (Assange) character was similar to Snowden’s. Like I said, I know pretty much everything there is to publicly know about Snowden and agree he’s a hero. I don’t know much about Assange except that Greenwald (same reporter Snowden sought out) seems to support him

Re: Assange



To be clear, you think he should stand trial for violating the espionage act for his part in Chelsea Manning’s leak?

the american justice system is so cruel and unfair until it comes time to charge and lockup someone i don’t like


Al Capone started a fake restaurant which he paid for to feed the homeless fyi

There are probably worse people who have received pardons

On the question of whether he should get a presidential pardon? Come on. He worked with a hostile foreign government to interfere in our election. Fuck him.

No great interest in him. There’s a whole thread on him I haven’t read and probably won’t ever.

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Then those people haven’t been following America’s wars ever. War is a fundamentally evil thing and we should stop. The original wikileaks changed nothing and were mildly embarrassing at worst. Nobody cared then and nobody cares now.

Also let’s not give Assange too much credit since he was pretty instrumental in helping to get those civilian casualties tripled from 2016-2020.