Rudy Giuliani, Ruh Roh

Federal Search warrant executed at his apartment:

Lol, yeah yeah, i know, however Trump can’t pardon him…


Federal Officials discover missing Mind.

What if he’s already got a sealed blanket pardon.


There is no such thing.

You’re only saying that because no ones tried it before.

I also don’t believe that Trump issued one because:

  1. He DGAF about anyone but himself;
  2. Everyone around him leaks like a sieve so if he did we would have heard about it by now.

Very confident that neither Rudy nor anyone else from the Trump syndicate will ever face any real charges, no pardons necessary.


Based on what? Lots of trumpers faced charges and were convicted. What saved them were Trump’s pardon powers. Those are gone now.

Just a small reminder of how much fun it was back in the ol’ days of 45.

Maybe he’ll get a slap on the wrist if he was found to be lying to the FBI. These dudes were committing crimes in public and nobody gaf. What are they going to suddenly start enforcing the Hatch Act or something? Note that I’ll be happy to be wrong


It’s this, unfortunately. Still, I’m here for the popcorn. Fingers crossed we get some batshit crazy revelations along the way.


I think Rudy is getting got. He’s a moron boomer that doesn’t understand technology. He’s probably got illegal porn on his cellphone and laptop along with evidence of 500 different crimes he committed. Probably thinks his password protects him or something.

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He’s getting got just like Cohen got got. He’s stupid/senile and he committed lots of crimes out in the open.

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NY jury increases gottening odds to 5%.