Rooting for Bubba Wallace & His Black Lives Matter #43 Car in NASCAR Race at Martinsville

Should someone excise this race talk into a separate thread?

Haha… the racecar rookies have yellow stripes on their cars.

I don’t think it’s going to go on much longer and derail or anything. IMO it’s fine to leave here unless it continues for a bunch more posts.

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Meh, it’s a single event. It would be historic if he managed to win this thing.

Don’t see any point starting a separate thread. I’ll update at the end, or near the end if he’s in contention in case people want to watch the end. He’s back up to 8th but going to need a miracle to overcome this pit stop issue.

It looked like he smacked into someone or vice versa coming out of the pit during the last caution, not sure if that’s what you’re talking about or if the two are related, I’m watching with sound off. We should probably make another thread

All the talk about making a thread may need a thread

Hey y’all, I came to this thread to do two things: watch NASCAR and crack some Bud Lights


Without the crowd it looks kinda like a life-size racecar game.


They had a near miss situation. (Insert George Carlin routine here)

That wasn’t the issue though, the crew broke some chain on the left side that helps them jack up the car with one pump on the jack instead of 3-4. Apparently it’s something that cannot be repaired? I have no clue about how all that works.

I started a new OP, hopefully a mod can move these posts.

If not for our boay Bubba I’d be rooting hard for old man Jimmie here, he had a nice run and I still can’t figure out wtf happened to him.

Bubba gets out of the pits in 6th! Not sure what they did to manage to get out quicker. Slides back to 8th right off the restart, though. Hope he didn’t just take two tires.

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He’s back to 10th, I’m wondering if they didn’t change the back left tire or something. First time all night he’s gone backwards during a run.

Thanks for the reminder. Haven’t watched a race in awhile, but Martinsville is one of the few interesting tracks.

I love how the Fords actually look kind of like Mustangs! Remember when they were all Tauruses? Stupid shit

I’m pretty sure they are Mustangs, at least to the degree that any NASCAR car “is” what it’s called.

Wow, Bubba just turned in the fast lap 2 laps ago from 10th. He’s way back of 9th though so needs a caution soon.

Caution! Bubba’s got a chance.

And there it is… They were talking about a couple guys who were running good being tight at the beginning of this fresh run, and perhaps they’d loosen back up as the run wore on. Maybe that’s the situation Bubba was in. Which means they may need to adjust the wedge on this stop.

Assuming that’s still how they adjust tight/loose? That’s how it was back when I actually paid attention to NASCAR.