RFC: Permanently Ban Churchill

Permabans are bad and go against the spirit of what this site is supposed to be about. They should only be used in extreme circumstances. This is not one of them.


Grunching thread. It is clear Churchill is straight up trolling especially evident when COVID chatter died down so Churchill migrated to Ukraine-Russia threads for his recreation. That being said I feel like just ignoring him is good enough if he keeps to his couple threads to shitpost in

but being a thread captain in the covid thread is intolerable and the community is in grave danger of blah blah blah

Does using this site only to shitpost while bragging about how you hate this place and only write your good posts (if any exist) in other places go against the spirit of what this site is supposed to be about?

This “spirit of what the site is supposed to be about” stuff honestly baffles me. All the people who believe that shit the most fucking hate this place now! Most of them left! What are we doing still trying to live up to that spirit when it utterly failed?


Probably! I would discourage anyone from doing that, and I’m sure I’ve called out people for it in the past.

Nah, well off liberals just decided that Trump was right all along . If it took more than effort than vaccination then killing a half million people a year is fine as long as everyone can live their best life and it is mostly the dispensable that bear the burden.

Wait, what? Someone here has been posting anti-trans stuff?

In the context of being subjected to rugged American capitalism, yes. I got unlucky in like three ways at once in conjunction with drawing down on my bankroll and I’m pretty fucked for a while, so I blame myself for being at risk of a bad parlay like that. Anyway, I still think avoiding covid has merit because of long covid.

This is a horrible take and here’s why: the community owning it does not mean everyone has 1/xth of it permanently no matter what. If someone violates the trust/rules/norms/expectations of the community, the community should not be required to tolerate it with no recourse.

This is a pretty passive and progressive group that has been hesitant to ban anyone permanently, if 60% think someone deserves it, they almost certainly do.

Something like 1/3rd of the bans/silencings were handed down by Wookie, and several other mods did as well. Churchill was the one posting misinformation.

I think we stopped wiping groceries in under a year but I could be wrong. Not letting kids go to school was correct imo.

I think often even when right he misapplies a correct conclusion to other things in bad faith, so yeah he’s pretty much always trolling.

Speaking for myself, I’m rarely in the crypto thread, and when I do poke in I read the last fifty posts or so. So it’s hard to tell who’s in there how often and how they’re posting other than a very small sample.

I disagree with this. You’re evaluating our consensus in May 2020 with what we know now in May 2022. That’s not reasonable. You should evaluate it based on what we knew then, what the data indicated, what the experts said, what studies showed, etc.

Just because we’d act differently if you dropped us in May 2020 with our current knowledge doesn’t mean that our risk assessment at the time with a ton of major unknowns was bad.

I think they’re trolling somewhat from what I’ve seen, and their refusal to recognize any utility for crypto/NFTs is annoying even to me and I’m not like a huge holder of either or a huge believer… So I get why it’s annoying.

Have posts been flagged or discussed with mods? I think the key difference is they haven’t been banned/silenced 20 times and failed to change their behavior, and the majority of their behavior is in other threads and is more or less positive.

Ok where did this happen? Was it flagged? I can’t imagine that was allowed to stand in this community.

Was the post flagged? Did another mod act on it?

Well then how can you compare the community response on both? I’m not condoning the posting in question, but I haven’t seen most of it and if it hasn’t been brought to mods attention, then that’s step 1.

Then what qualifies?

This is preferable to a perma imho

Extreme circumstances? What are some Churchill posts deemed too extreme to tolerate?

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The status quo is that churchill’s ban expires, and he soon finds a shot to fire in the covid thread, and then he gets another week off. There is, to my knowledge, no mechanism in software to keep him out of a thread, and neither is there a way to keep him from firing the same old shots in unrelated threads. So from where I am sitting, unless he really wants to stop posting in the covid thread, saying he’s excluded from it doesn’t change anything. He just eats another temp ban he knows is coming after firing shots.

Alright, I guess if he isn’t insulting your family and your parenting, he’s fine.

I’d be perfectly fine with you telling me that I’d be an idiot if I refused to vaccinate my 5 year old. I wouldn’t construe that as too extreme to be allowed to post here.

Would you be fine with me making fun of the fact that you can’t vaccinate your infant for Covid yet? How about if you knowingly expose yourself to Covid every day?

Repeated profanity/vulgarity, racism, spam, etc.

It’s not about any one given post, it’s about a pattern of behavior. He’s been banned 20 times for trolling the COVID thread! It’s probably been over a year at this point.

But that said, I think mocking people’s kids is way over the line. Especially when health is involved.

So mocking other posters kids and trolling about their health risks is a okay? Just trolling a thread for a year is fine as long as you don’t curse or get racist?

what’s the vote threshold for a perma?

I’m not sure it was ever actually decided. 60% was used for the Sabo vote, but I think that was just sort of made up based on 60% been used for other decisions.

Edit - there is this thread from January:

Based on that thread, I’d say 2/3’s seems to be appropriate threshold, but not sure though it was ever formalized.

How many times has Church done this?

A-OK is also different than must be perma’ed.