RFC: Permanently Ban Churchill

Simply not what happened reverse that order

To not make it seem like I am picking a fight Church should make his points in more direct and evidenced ways. I think a lot of his posts over the last 26 months have been garbage and some have been good but I really haven’t had a way to know because they have been poorly sourced or not sourced at all. That being said if i was him i would have long ago been like fuck these motherfuckers i’m just going to drop my troll shit at every opportunity.

So again I will ask. Why are people who know literally nothing about a subject including a mod, who provide nothing of value, and who constantly attack other posters including calling them stuff like deranged get to post whatever they want and Church can’t? Seems like you need to pick the low hanging fruit before you go after that imo.

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I’m sorry how does that give him the right to mock me wanting to vaccinate my four month old? If I took a shot specifically at your partner, what kind of action by you would make that remotely acceptable?

I mean it’s in the screenshot in this thread. If you think i am going to wade into the bullshit, hard pass.

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Seems reasonable to expect the bare minimum from you while you happily roll in the shit in this thread. You’re not exactly above it all

Guess you didn’t read the rest of my post. We have a current mod and several other posters directly attacking people unprovoked in other threads.

I haven’t posted in the Covid thread for a long time. I’ve definitely shitposted on this forum. I think that makes me well qualified to determine what is and what isn’t shitposting.

We are going to allow Riverman to call trans people yucky and people into crypto deranged but we should ban Churchill for what is not settled science on under 5s vax? Seems idiotic and like you picked your team homie.

Feel free to complain about that wherever. The lame ass whataboutism is bullshit.

You want things to be one way when your “side” of this are currently trolling their ass off. It isn’t intellectually honest.

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Either those posts aren’t being reported or mods are modding them differently or Churchill’s behavior is worse. A few other explanations might be possible, but those seem like the main ones.

I don’t think they types of people who report behavior exist in the crypto thread tbh.

That’s bullshit. I don’t even know what you’re talking about. If however you have a problem with someone I would encourage you to bring it up In a appropriate manner. It is not a defense for Churchill trolling my concerns about my infant getting Covid. Especially when I’ve taken care of multiple sick children with Covid and have it burned into my memory.

The burden of proof should be on the anti-Churchill faction to prove their case to someone who doesn’t read the COVID threads.

The people who don’t report anything don’t have grounds to complain about lack of modding in that thread. Either report posts or start a campaign to get a crypto thread reg get elected as mod the next time there is turnover.

I mean i don’t see anyone from that thread complaining about lack of modding?

Seems like everyone saying “ban churchill and you ban me!” is kind of a hypocrite on this tbh, the Sabo ban already made this place exactly what AQ/SK are claiming it would become if churchill is banned. People not living their principles ITT. Sad!

Heh Jonny deleted my post in About Moderation pointing out that shortly some people would be along to tell us how churchill isn’t to blame for his awful posting and he’s actually just a poor victim of internet bullying, and this post really did it


A property where someone gets to pop in once a week and fire shots at my family and I can’t do anything more about it than that doesn’t really sound like property I own or that is worth owning.


This is a massively disingenuous way of describing Chirchill’s posting. If you think people should be allowed to endlessly troll the fuck out of Wookie, just say that.

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Life is short, this doesn’t seem hard, nuke and move on.

At worst it’s a teachable moment we can learn from. But usually it’s just dumpstering someone who doesn’t like being here anyway.

Click some buttons and find out.