RFC: Permanently Ban Churchill

He’s posted nothing but trolling for months now, and little time outs have done absolutely nothing. He can go shit somewhere else, imo.

Permanently ban churchill?
  • Yes
  • No

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For those wondering why we’re mad this afternoon, it’s the trolling of us wanting to vaccinate our kids under 5 by churchill.

I’d prefer a ban, but he should, at a minimum, not be allowed in covid threads in the future.

Not pertaining to the question at hand, but this is not how the RFC process works. There needs to be a period of discussion prior to a vote on wording and then a final vote.


You can consider the OP a straw poll if you wish.

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This is also approximately his 20th ban/silencing/etc for trolling the COVID thread.

Still trolling while silenced:

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If trolling is a reason to ban someone then we need a lot more RFCs.


Good idea. Mostly want to avoid any arguments that proper procedure wasn’t followed to reach a desired result.

Should we consider banning Churchill from the COVID thread instead of a full ban? I don’t think there is a software method for that, so it would require mod intervention, but there’s no shortage of people who would instantly report him.

It appears the procedure is to discuss in this thread for three days (should be fun!) then someone can ask an admin to start a poll, then that poll needs to be open for one week and get 60% to ban the user in question.

If he doesn’t agree to it and voluntarily abide by it, then it’s functionally indistinguishable from the status quo.

We can add conditions. One violation is a three-month ban, second violation is six, third is a perma. Or we can go with zero tolerance.

the RFC process was concocted out of thin air to stop me from being appointed admin after i won the vote. then the admin ended up abusing his power, something i’d never do, but here we are with an RFC voting system that certain people like to pretend is legitimate when the circumstances serve their interests


Are there any threads where his behavior is not like his behavior in the COVID thread? Maybe they exist and I don’t read them, but like, we’ve already seen that his posting in the Ukraine thread is basically identical. It doesn’t really seem like the COVID thread is an outlier or exception to the rule of his normal posting.

What if the person contributes nothing else to the community but animosity and trolling in serious threads? It’s pretty obvious he is here in bad faith.

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beetle for admin. lfg



I mean we literally have a mod right now that is pretty close to that. Can endlessly troll, post anti-trans stuff and be a general asshole and not a peep from this crowd.

I feel like I am losing my mind because I am making the same arguments others were 1-2 years ago when this place imploded? I don’t think the people making these arguments originally were entirely right but…


Permabanning Churchill is permabanning me

Churchill goes against the echo chamber and is often right. If y’all just want a board whose purpose is to convince its members they’re correct and smart, cool, but just admit it rather than using phrases like trolling and bad faith


You clearly don’t follow the COVID thread if you think any of what you posted is true.

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