RFC: Permanently Ban Churchill

Would you be fine with me making fun of the fact that you can’t vaccinate your infant for Covid yet? How about if you knowingly expose yourself to Covid every day?

Repeated profanity/vulgarity, racism, spam, etc.

It’s not about any one given post, it’s about a pattern of behavior. He’s been banned 20 times for trolling the COVID thread! It’s probably been over a year at this point.

But that said, I think mocking people’s kids is way over the line. Especially when health is involved.

So mocking other posters kids and trolling about their health risks is a okay? Just trolling a thread for a year is fine as long as you don’t curse or get racist?

what’s the vote threshold for a perma?

I’m not sure it was ever actually decided. 60% was used for the Sabo vote, but I think that was just sort of made up based on 60% been used for other decisions.

Edit - there is this thread from January:

Based on that thread, I’d say 2/3’s seems to be appropriate threshold, but not sure though it was ever formalized.

How many times has Church done this?

A-OK is also different than must be perma’ed.

Insulting your family and your parenting … Mocking other posters kids

UP hyperbole in full effect :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


He’s done this once. He’s been trolling the thread for like a year and he’s been banned/silenced 20 times over it. How many times should one poster get to cross the line warranting a ban before enough is enough. If you agree it’s not a okay then what, exactly? Obviously he’s not responding to the moderation in a constructive manner.

What MUDs did you play? They were really fun imo.

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Do you think that’s one of the 5 most deserving of a permaban posts in the history of UP?

I think a lot of his previous bans were borderline. And may have been specifically designed to create this scenario where evidence has been “built.”


I think his lifetime behavior is in that range, top 5 most worthy of a ban, yes. Not counting spammers, and with the caveat that if somebody names 5 or 6 worse and he’s actually #7 in my mind, that’s not some gotcha.

The idea that one post must cross the line so egregiously on it’s own and that track record doesn’t play in just sets us up to get trolled forever right up to the line.

That may not be his worst post, iirc he had a horrible one at superuberbob once too that may be even worse.

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He has a contrarian opinion that he posts in a snarky way. If you remove the contrarian part that describes a common posting style seen here and everywhere.


I don’t think that’s an accurate description of his behavior or his motives.


So is it just the kids that are off limits or mocking the health of anyone? Because again, you literally have a thread about mocking the deaths of right wingers so I know certain factors are allowed here.

So. Theres been a number of similar comments about riverman being transphobic. Often as a hit and run incidental to the main conversation, so I’ve never picked them up.

I was right in the thick of that thread, and called him out at the time, but I dont think it’s fair or helpful to attack RM like that months later for a couple of comments on an issue that lots of people have gotten very wrong.

It feels much more like weaponizing to score points rather than as a legitimate discussion of transphobia with an acquaintance.

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I mean I think poster’s families should be off limits for negative attacks/mocking unless it’s in a joking/friendly manner.

Famous people are different, politicians are different, and if you referring to anti-vaxxers in news coverage I think that’s different too. But if someone posted that their anti-vaxx relative died then I’d say that should be off limits.

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I’d agree with that. If Churchill came hard after Ike’s kid then I’d agree that he’s a problem. I guess that I will take your word for it that those posts exist and that it isn’t because he is was just disliked for other reasons.

I would say he posts some stuff that is contrarian, snarky, and acceptable, but he also posts some stuff that comes across as trolling and he gets temp-banned by mods because of the latter, which the record suggests he does more than anyone else.

For the “Churchill is persecuted” crowd, here’s a relatively recent post:

Informative and on topic. It received zero trolling from anyone and no moderation.

He even follows it up with obvious bullshit and receives zero abuse:

But when he spreads misinformation and fires shots about American tests being faulty and can’t back up his own claims, yes, of course he draws heat:

The above was basically the last time churchill did anything in the covid thread other than pop in guns blazing.