Pulled over by cops. Should I get a lawyer/ACLU involved?

I got pulled over by cops this morning. I’m wondering if I should do something about this. I was basically treated like a criminal for no reason. I took screenshots of telling my brother what happened. This was in Lawrenceburg Tennessee. Rural area, near Alabama border. I was camping a few days.

At the end of the day, nothing happened. But I think it was a pretty messed up situation. I think someone should at least know about it. Any ideas of what I can do?

Or is it just LOL Cops gonna cop?


unfortunately i’m going to go with lol cops gonna cop. If i had to guess this shit happens 1000s of times a day across the country.


Did you get their badge number?

Yea cop #2 was REALLY annoyed I wouldn’t allow him to search my car. I probably know more about my rights than he does.

No, didn’t think of it. I was pretty nervous and shit.

This happened to me, sans the canine. But it was embarrassing, humiliating, and I get it.

However, aclu aint gonna take this case. I don’t think your rights were really violated, which says more about what a fucked up state our laws are in than a defense of the police. I feel the need to make that clear before someone jumps on me.


Yea because technically they didn’t search my car. Just got a K9 to sniff around it. But you are right. Way too much power for these clowns.

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Get the motherfuckers on video next time. I bet they don’t suggest that you forfeit your rights if they know they’ll be starring in your next youtube video. They apparently don’t need probable cause to bring the dog out. I’d file a complaint and expect nothing to come of it.

Edit: My kid is about to start driving and I’m shopping for a dual facing dash cam for him. I like this one the best so far:

Does anyone have other recommendations?


Did the dog shit or piss?


Also i 100% thought your story was going to go from K9 sniffing the car to them saying “yep he found something, we are searching it” cuz this happened to me in college and why i say lol cops going to cop.

4 of us on springbreak crossing through georgia to Atlantic coast from alabama. Outside of Atlanta we get pulled over on major highway, cop tells my buddy who is driving that “he crossed a dividing line” or some shit. He asks if he can search the car, my buddy says no, cuz we are all under 21 and have a bunch of booze in the trunk but no drugs. The guy goes on for a bit, same as they did with you, eventually bring out the K9 cuz we won’t let them search. They run the dog around, I don’t believe the dog did shit to indicate and i could be wrong but I dont think they detect booze but i could be mistaken. Cop just says oh yea he smells something, we gotta search it. My buddy confesses the booze cuz the cop is like well we going to find whatever you have so might as well tell me.

They search it, claim that the dog detected odor of weed, none of us smoked weed. They end up making us pour out the booze on the side of the road, lol white privilege I’m sure, and I believe let us go without a ticket. Didn’t think about it at the time but I really doubt the cops have 4 black kids pouring that shit out on the side of the highway.


similar situation happened to me. wasn’t speeding, got pulled over. cop asked me to come out of the car and walk around back. i did, thinking he was going to show me something on the back of my car lol like helping me out.

frisked me, then asked me if he could search my car. i paused to consider if i had any illegal shit in there, after i was sure i didn’t, i asked him, “what happens if i say no?”

and he said something kinda vague and mildly threatening like, “that’ll be on you” or something like that. it wasn’t a direct answer. so i just said nah i’m not interested. cops ended up giving me a ticket for a burned out license plate light. i had 2 license plate lights and one was out lol

meanwhile a black friend of mine, never does any drugs never drinks, he was on the way to our poker game one time and they had him in handcuffs on the side of the road for an hour while they literally pulled out the seats of his car to find nothing.

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Pissed on my tire then took a shit next to back window lol.

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Did one of them bag up the shit?

I laughed about the dog. He probably felt mote exploited than you.

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Amazing. Like I’m imagining them trying so hard to be intimidating while Cody the dog is dropping a steamer in the middle of the road.


Yea I was expecting that to happen. K9 cop said if dog smells anything they don’t need consent and can search. It was so ridiculous. I was camping for 3 days lol. All I have in the car is fishing gear and camping shit. And it was 730 this morning. Like, don’t you have anything else to do?

Lol of course not. But immediately after they put dog in car because it was clear it wasn’t gonna find anything.

Those fucking wankers


First, you should leave that jurisdiction ASAP.

Was your taillight really out? Did they cite you or give you a written warning about that? Not that it really matters… the cops always got “not tracking a lane” as an all-purpose excuse to pull anyone over.

Once they pull you over, they can always do what’s called a “Terry Stop”. That’s what the Qs about weapons are about (also quite often Qs about needles too). It doesn’t matter what you answer… they can always ask anyone in the car to get out of the car, and pat them down.

Cops can always ask to search your car or body. They don’t need a reason. They can run dogs on you too if they have them there, just as a goof. As for calling the dogs in and having you wait, as a practical matter they can do that too. They proly want to CYA the dog call in however… that’s where the comment about “being nervous” comes into play. Of course most peeps are going to be nervous when detained by armed goons… so that works as another all-purpose excuse like tracking lanes.

Cops can always lie and in general make vague threats like you related.

Bottom line: since “nothing happened” (except you being interrogated and threatened by armed goons, and having your time wasted)… there is no legal remedy. That… and I’m not a lawyer, so lol @ listening to me regarding legal matters.

What you could do is (once you are safely far enough away) is file a complaint with whoever accepts complaints regarding this gang of cops. It could help (yea right, in theory, but maybe) establish a pattern of inappropriate stops by these cops or this department. Also… even if you did want to get a lawyer involved, you’d certainly want to exercise any administrative options you have first, before taking any legal action.

ETA: Corrected name and added link for “Terry Stop” above.


Oh I left as soon as I got back to camp. It’s about 100 miles away so I won’t be going back. My taillight really was out. First cop was fine. It was cops 2 and 3 that were pricks. They let me go once it was clear the dog wasn’t smelling anything. No ticket or warning.