Police Murder George Floyd Then Riot Nationwide (Links to Streams in OP)

Yeah, it really gives you a candid glimpse inside how people think about the world around them. You love a band called Rage Against the Machine, who’s songs include such titles as “Voice of the Voiceless,” “Take the Power Back,” and “Wake Up” and you never thought there was anything political going on there? Lol, did you never listen to any of their lyrics?


They think the voiceless taking power back are conservatives.


They just like the sounds of loud guitars. They don’t “like” anything about the music beyond the volume and maybe the rage it inspires due to the aggressive nature of the music.

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We don’t know if he volunteered that or if a reporter asked and he replied no.

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I was ready to not be moved, but I did feel empathy towards his situation.

I just hope he realizes he needs to Right Wing proof his house because mental illness is the nourishment of modern conservative ideals. No Fox News, no talk radio. Heck no news at all.

He needs to block out any signal that is designed to use her mental illness as a way to enter her mind.


tough crowd. Not sure if it’s a PR team or a mental health response team. I assumed it was not a PR team because probably the first thing they’d say is DON’T TELL THE MEDIA YOU’RE TALKING TO US! And the guy might have been asked if he was going to sue, which answering no would be fine. If he just brought it up apropos of nothing then sure that’s bad.

Ok we don’t know for certain but I’d bet that crisis management team made sure he mentioned it in his interview.

Is this article from 1986 or something? Have they been openly flying the Confederate flag at NASCAR events?

Do you even NASCAR bro?


Fans probably bring them.

Have you ever seen a NASCAR event?

Wake Up is a good example, like, The end of the song is just Zach de la Rocha screaming “wake up” at the top of his lungs over and over. These people never once thought, “huh, I wonder why he wants us to wake up?” Lol, just fucking complete dullards.


So you got me thinking and searching…

What are crisis management skills?

The ability of a person to identify and deal with such threats is known as his crisis management skills . Whether it is a natural disaster , a lawsuit against your company’s product, or the tumbling employee morale, they all are capable of damaging the viability of your business operations.


Nope, still not having that apology.

I do not. However, I was once in Charlotte because my wife had a conference there and I went to the NASCAR hall of fame, which was actually pretty cool.

Literally flying over Darlington SC NASCAR races. It wasn’t just fans bringing them it was the entire promoted culture.

There also weren’t any black people there

It’s like no one ever realized that the racist men who owned slaves and later took to assaulting and killing black people had women at home who were completely simpatico with their evil men.

The coming tears will be so fricken epic, holy crap.


The one with Hank Williams Jr. on it looks like heritage, not hate, to me.


I forget that most people here live in the city and don’t regularly experience rural South Carolina

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