Police Murder George Floyd Then Riot Nationwide (Links to Streams in OP)

To y’all who missed the streams last night, sorry I was taking a break from the protests to catch up on stuff, I’ll post them itt later as Today/Saturday should have good turnouts.

WOKE always has streams on later on and you can search youtube for the streams that they show… Usually they switch over around 2pm Washington time.

And then some folks put them on youtube like this…

Streams I recommend…

The only unbiased news stream…

Courtesy of @Smacc_25

It falls under the aegis of the Good Guys with Guns thread. If we started a new thread for every unjustly killed black guy, we’d be drowning in them.

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My nephew is sending out texts from the police scanner of the protest/riot going on presently. Thankfully they live in the opposite corner of the city from the mayhem. Sounds way fucked up. Molotov cocktails. Someone fired into the crowd. Storming a target.

One day, a cop like this fucking monster will again be in the midst of murdering a black man, but some brave citizen will witness it and respond by drawing their own weapon and executing the sonuvabitch to save the life of the black victim.

And believe me when I say that the ensuing shit storm will eclipse anything we’ve seen since the civil rights movement.


Or, one day, someone tired of seeing cops get away with murder will decide that some vigilante justice is called for and hunt a killer down in his home.

That might be an interesting premise for a movie. A white guy finds himself being hunted by an unknown killer. At first, we are primed to sympathize with the guy, but it is slowly revealed that we should be rooting for his demise because he is actually a racist cop who got away with murder.


Ditto my scenario where the movie starts with a psychopathic cop being executed by a passerby and the legal / social craziness that ensues.

I’m seeing a decent number of knee vs knee Twitter along these lines.



Straight up. If a guy knelt on another guys neck for 7 minutes in an MMA match both he and the ref would be arrested for murder

This only a clip of a movie…checks calendar…made 31 years ago…


I wonder if I as a white guy could get away with tackling the cop off the guy. Seems like they’d have a tough time justifying shooting me if I was unarmed and not trying to hurt the cop?

Crazy idea or super crazy idea?

P.S. I’m not trying to be an internet tough guy here, like 99% that I do nothing, but it seems like a more defensible action than trying to shoot the cop.


You just can’t, it’s a death sentence.

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Here are some protesters. Maybe they should copy the tactics of the Branch Covidians.

They fired four police officers. Do you think you have a chance with the other three standing around?

We’ve got the names of at least two of them. Are we going to find out who the other two are?

Assuming they aren’t in jail, the murderers will be on the book / Fox News circuit by late summer.

The by standing cops are guilty of felony murder, btw.

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To be honest I’m stunned they were flat out fired less than 24 hours after it happened, not admin leave, gone.


I should note that I haven’t watched this video, and I’m not going to, but I’m envisioning a scenario where someone flies out of the crowd and impacts the cop enough to get his knee off the victim’s neck. I’m just trying to save the guy’s life, not “take out” four cops.

I mean, maybe it wouldn’t work. Maybe the victim has already received fatal injuries when the cop gets knocked away. Maybe the cop or one of the other cops goes right back to the knee on the neck and kills him anyway. And maybe they put a potentially fatal beatdown or shooting on another person.

But I can just imagine the feeling of guilt and trauma if I were a bystander and did nothing. Again, I’m almost certain I would do nothing… But I don’t want it to be possible for this shit to just happen.

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if i knew it was all being recorded, i’d at least make him move off of dude to tackle/arrest/knee me to death. and i’m not an internet whatever either, if a minute or two of “you gotta stop you’re going to kill him” didn’t work (and it was on camera), i couldn’t just watch.

but then, i don’t have kids or anyone really. maybe i’d become a martyr, probably not, but i wouldn’t just watch a random knee a man to death. why should i just watch a cop?

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it isn’t about how many cops are standing there, it’s whether or not you’re cool with watching a man kill another man.

i’m not saying i’m right, lord knows i’m probably not. but once dude started going unconscious i… we’ll i’ve never been in that spot before but i’d like to think i’d intervene however i could.

in which case, guy doesn’t die, it’s not a national story and i sit in jail for a while. but i’d be able to sleep at night too.