New Moderation Policy: Posting personal information will get you permanently banned

Enough hemming and hawing about the exact definition of doxxing someone.

Starting today if you make a post creepily referencing a poster’s personal life or their real name you will be banned for one week.

If you make a second post creepily referencing a poster’s personal life or their real name you will be banned permanently.

I’m aware these rules are a bit nebulous but I think most of us can manage to avoid breaking them.

@Churchill and @AngryQueer have already gotten warning bans for this exact scenario so their next offense will lead to their permanent banning.

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I think you’ll find there’s a forum policy on no permas without a supporting vote with a certain majority, and that it passed a vote.

I think you’ll find I don’t care.


I think you need to calm down a bit. Maybe take a break?

There was a coup since then. Junta gonna junta (btw I support this rule lol)



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so calling ikes ikes gets you permanently banned?

make no judgment… condemn not… forgive

He never lead a demonstration against Rome

I think a hard line regarding previous user names is a bit harsh tbh, but I don’t have a better wording off the top of my head other than “a previous user name of someone who has requested that name no longer be used” or “a previous user name that ties to IRL identity” but that becomes a tricky judgement call.

For example, would it be a ban to point out that [Poster X] is actually [Previously Banned Poster Y]?

like, what the fuck is the rationale for keeping people from mentioning old screen names? It’s not even malicious, like before Common Wealth came back today I literally had no recollection of his new screen name and if I was going to refer to him it would have been by the – totally pseudonymous
screen name he went by for years and years. Like C*** Rounder is the name that pops into my head when I think of someone posting 7000 words of banal tripe that no one is going to read. Can a mod let us know what harm exactly comes from referring to him as such? Of course we shouldn’t post personal information, but his old screen name isn’t personal information. What the fuck is going on?

I’m not anticipating a reply from tptb on this by the way.

you’ll always be Schlitzy to me :heart:


Posters have requested that people not reference their past usernames before and that simple request has been ignored and weaponized so it’s simpler to just say “don’t fucking do it” than it is to sit here and litigate every stupid instance where it happens or what does or doesn’t count as referencing an old username.

Weaponized? How? With what harm?

I guess he means cuse missiles.

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Can we get a ruling on this one? This seems like something that happens reasonably often. I don’t think a hard “no previous names” is the best answer.

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This is pathetic. You’re only harming him by playing along with his paranoid delusions.

Like I don’t even understand the rationale why ■■■■■■■■■■■ can’t be referred to as ■■■■■■■■■■■. It’s not a reasonable request and I certainly don’t understand why anyone should humor it. Let alone why you think you should ban someone for a week or forever for typing a pseudonymous name in a word box. And not only that particular name, but ANY old name? Like explain what the hell is going on here. It’s insane.

edit: lol this mod note is wild. Yes, you shouldn’t dox anyone. I didn’t. I posted c#se rounder’s old user name. Saying I doxed anyone is insane slander.

A better solution would be to demod the unnameable ex-poster and let the whole affair die.

It’s bizarre that such an odious and vengeful person should still have mod powers.

give unto Caesar seems easy

but it’s not

healing sounds good