NBZ's WSOP 2021 Vegas Trip 10/9-19

I have just booked a flight to Las Vegas leaving late night Saturday October 9 and returning Tuesday October 19.

In the past, I have driven out for a combined three or so weeks of Vegas plus visiting family. This year, my dad has to have some minor surgery. Completely nothing to worry about that will likely be undergone with local anesthesia. However, the timing makes a 2+week trip to Vegas during the WSOP awkward. So, as a compromise, I decided to book a shorter trip of ten days, targeting some of the tournaments I most want to play. Then, I might go out again in November. Depends on if I don’t hate myself after the October trip or if I really hate myself, probably.

I have never stayed this long without a car and the insane rental prices means I am going todo it this time. My stay is too long for me to put all my clothes in just a backpack and the airline I am flying charges for carry-ons. However, for slightly more than a carry-on, I can also get a checked bag and seat selection, so my plan is thus: I am going to bring food in my bags to cut down on expenses since I have that extra space anyways. Don’t expect much food porn unless I run good. Still, willing to meet up with UPers who are in Vegas at the same time.

I expect to be staying at some combination of the Rio and Gold Coast. I am considering the @TJ_Eckleburg12 plan of arriving Saturday night after midnight and playing until early check-in, which I am willing to pay for.


Got my green background in the clear app.

This is what my room rates look like at the Rio.

And this is what I can get at Gold Coast. Boyd doesn’t charge resort fees on comp nights. Not sure why it gives me four comp nights when I thought the promo only gives me two nights.

Gold Coast October 2021

Looking forward to it!



We better see a suitcase of White Castles imo.


Do any Vegas card rooms let players bring in their own food?

If so, he should bring in that giant bag that White Castle sells and share it with the table.

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Then a prop bet with the table of who has to run to the bathroom first.

You might get a Del Taco trip report.

Anyone ever walked from the Rio to Spring Mountain Road? Stuff like Pho Kim Long and Izakaya Go are a 15-20 minute walk from the convention center, according to Google Maps.

You’ll be walking through some sketchy areas but should be okay as a dude. I might not walk it with a bunch of cash in your pocket.

I must have a different view of what’s sketchy. I’ve driven that route often and I didn’t see anything that bothered me too much. There are business and reasonable traffic on Valley View, so it looks like an okay stroll during normal business hours.

I’ve booked nine nights split between the Rio and Gold Coast for around $450 total.

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Staying on valley view is less sketch than going down Twain. Twain is the sketchy part with a lot of shitty apartments to walk by.

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We’re gonna need a pic of the contents of the suitcase.

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I may have to reconsider the food in a suitcase plan, since I seem to have misremembered whether there was a microwave in the Rio rooms. I’ll still bring stuff, but maybe not as many canned goods.

Bruce has to be Alan Kessler right? :grinning:



No microwave that I recall. You might want to get one of those HotLogic™️ foodwarmers. I’ve carried them through TSA w/o much hassle.

Yeah, turn north off of Twain as soon as you can. It’s not well-lit if you’re walking at night, and there’s just not a lot of public places along there that you could step into if things get sketchy.

Then again, I had several coworkers in 2019 who walked to work along Twain every day (in 100+ degree heat, they were nuts) and nothing ever happened, so who knows.