Since we strive for community-based decision making here, I thought we could use a thread to discuss posters who may be causing some problems and what we should do about it.

@anachronistic has been getting a lot of posts reported and getting himself on ignore lists. Last weekend he got ignored by 11 users and is now up to 12. The second most ignored poster on the site is ignored by 6, and he’s been around since we launched. Anachronistic has been around a month. He’s had 10 posts flagged in the last week and a half, and 7 of them have been hidden as a result. Here are some highlights

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Yeah that’s me with the last two flags. Like it’s really no bother to me to ignore him, but I dunno, seems like overall forum quality is a thing to think about.

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Seems like the systems of ignore and flagging posts are working pretty well.

Is there a way to categorize the problem so some sort of rule can derived? Is the issue the labor caused by all the flagging? So then maybe a rule like like more than 10 flagged posts, or 5 hidden posts in a month result in some sort of ban?

If it’s just that he’s a ahole or arguing in bad faith, this could be harder to define.


I’m the Mod who’s hidden most of his posts, Its not at all any work for me to continue to do so.

I put him on ignore after being tempted to tell him to GF himself in response to the zikzak post. Decided to put him on ignore instead and have no regrets. He will go away on his own if nobody takes his bait.


Trolly (!) had a great post in reply to a spate of crap posts by Anac. I cannot remember what thread it was in and am too lazy to look for it myself.

He seems to have calmed down a bit recently after being called out. I don’t think it’s ok to call people “bitch” or “scum” tho.


Sounds like an asshole, not really familiar with him. IME online assholes either think they’re not assholes and expect to be well received or know that they’re assholes and being poorly received is the point. The former tend to fix themselves, either by improving or going away. The latter don’t. So it comes down to what kind of asshole we think he is.

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Er… nevermind. I didn’t realize some of the OP posts are from this afternoon. He has not calmed down.

What percentage of the forum would need to ignore someone before they are de facto banned? Would we let them continue to post into the abyss of ignorance?

At some point, a ban is a mercy. Not necessarily for the banned poster, but for people like me who can only see " view hidden post" so many times before I say fuck it, we ride.

And yet every time…

I've made a mistake


Did I make the right choice? Yes. Yes I did.

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It’s for sure nice when someone confirms that decision.

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I have looked at those out of morbid curiosity and haven’t seen anything that would cause me to unignore. I’d tune back in if he went all Ron Swanson on us. Like:

“I broke it. It burnt my hand so I punched it.

I predict in ten minutes from now they’ll be at each others throats with war paint on their faces and a pig head on a stick…

Good – it was getting a little chummy around here…”

Is that me?

I pretty much post as if everybody has me on ignore. This heart function threw off my whole game.

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You are tied for tenth with seven other people at two. Pretty pathetic. Even Trumpbot has three. Anarchonistic is now up to 17.

How many have I got?

Having a thread for “How do we attract new users?” while tolerating this level of personal abuse from one poster is contradictory.

It would be interesting if @anachronistic gave us his views on his posting style here.

You’re tied for about 40th with 0

I’m not making enough effort.

If we don’t get any response from him here while he’s active in other threads, I take that to mean he can’t defend himself.

Abusive posts should not be tolerated. Give escalating bans, then permaban if the poster doesn’t improve.