"Missing" persons and other murder mysteries


Patrice o Neal had a great bit on this.


Missing White Girl is at play, but at the same time this is a legitimately compelling murder mystery situation.


Madeleine McCann. Blonde white toddler daughter of two doctors. Huge media fixation and campaigns on her disappearance, lasting 14 years.

Have never seen this. This is a great bit.

In all fairness she was 3. Not sure if there’s an age restriction on MWWS though

Do you guys remember baby Jessica?

Was the most boring riveting tv you could possibly imagine to this young child.

Of course, I also watched every Norman Schwarzkopf presser and was glued to CNN during the Gulf War when I was 11. A lot of propaganda had to be undone. Ongoing.

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The Petito case is big news in Utah of course because of the Moab connection and the (unconnected) murder of the two women there. I’ve paid as little attention as possible, but assign P(bf did it) 99% and P(gf took off to punish bf) most of the rest.

Been following this case. It’s crazy that this guy can just take her van, drive across the country and refuse to say what happened to her.

I wish they could charge him with stealing the van to put some pressure on him but seems impractical and technically not feasible.

Im sure this is what hes counting on. Do it somewhere remote and stay mum for as long as possible hoping they never find her.

This is exactly what I say in my head all of the people in the murder porn docs should do. Its pretty eerie to see it happening in real time though

Yeah the circumstance of this is what makes it compelling.

I detest these “prestige” true crime shows for a variety of reasons. When it comes to white-on-white crime I am a Dateline or bust guy. This better end up as a Keith Morrison.

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On the flip side what about a gone girl scenario.

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It’s apparently super easy to incriminate oneself even if one didn’t do it. At least according to that don’t talk to the police video that kept being posted.

You cut off a pretty important part: going through a lawyer.

Yeah, I got that part. Maybe the lawyer feels that the circumstances are such that there is no way for anyone (client or attorney) to tell the truth without incriminating him, so he advised silence.

I’m just guessing. I’m following this whole thing slightly more than Zikzak.

Ok, I guess I’m following now. This couple says they picked up the bf hitchhiking in Grand Teton. Weird story though. He said he needed a ride to Jackson… then later freaks out when they mention driving to Jackson Hole? Idk, whatever. BF did it still pegging the meter.

She’s not very good at this Van Life thing if she’s hitchhiking.

How does he go this long without talking to the authorities?

He doesn’t have to tell the cops jack shit if he hasn’t been arrested and given a lawyer. To play Devil’s Advocate, I likely wouldn’t talk to the cops in this situation even if I were totally innocent.