Metallica Tournament

Here is the preliminary seeding. I think i got most everything that would matter, play counts are in millions.

People really dont like Load/Reload and St. Anger is the least listened album overall.

any thoughts or misses? Since I’m doing this I’m going to create two playin matchups for Bleeding Me and the Outlaw torn because i think everyone should listen to those and fuck you thats why. I’m open to other suggestions.

Song Plays Album Seed
Enter Sandman 525 Black Album 1
Nothing Else Matters 492 Black Album 1
Master of Puppets 266 Master of Puppets 1
One 230 And Justice for All 1
The Unforgiven 225 Black Album 2
Whiskey in the Jar 165 Garage, Inc 2
For Whom the Bell Tolls 162 Ride the Lightning 2
Fade to Black 130 Ride the Lightning 2
Sad But True 130 Black Album 3
Hardwired 87 Hardwired…To Self Destruct 3
Don’t Tread on Me 80 Black Album 3
Seek and Destroy 79 Kill Em All 3
Fuel 74 Reload 4
Battery 68 Master of Puppets 4
Moth Into Flame 65 Hardwired…To Self Destruct 4
Turn the Page 60 Garage, Inc 4
The Day that Never Comes 56 Death Magnetic 5
The Unforgiven II 55 Reload 5
Welcome Home 52 Master of Puppets 5
Atlas, Rise! 52 Hardwired…To Self Destruct 5
Blackened 44 And Justice for All 6
Creeping Death 43 Ride the Lightning 6
Now That We’re Dead 42 Hardwired…To Self Destruct 6
The Four Horseman 39 Kill Em All 6
St. Anger 39 St. Anger 7
And Justice for All 37 And Justice for All 7
Orion 36 Master of Puppets 7
The Memory Remains 35 Reload 7
Harvester of Sorrow 34 And Justice for All 8
All Nightmare Long 34 Death Magnetic 8
Fight Fire with Fire 33 Ride the Lightning 8
The Unforgiven III 33 Death Magnetic 8
Spit out the Bones 33 Hardwired…To Self Destruct 9
Ride the Lightning 32 Ride the Lightning 9
Of Wolf and Man 30 Black Album 9
Through the Never 29 Black Album 9
Until It Sleeps 29 Load 10
King Nothing 29 Load 10
Holier than Thou 28 Black Album 10
Whiplash 26 Kill Em All 10
Disposable Heroes 25 Master of Puppets 11
The Thing that Should Not Be 24 Master of Puppets 11
The Shortest Straw 24 And Justice for All 11
The Call of Ktulu 23 Ride the Lightning 11
Hit the Lights 22 Kill Em All 12
Eye of the Beholder 22 And Justice for All 12
My Friend of Misery 22 Black Album 12
Halo on Fire 22 Hardwired…To Self Destruct 12
The God that Failed 21 Black Album 13
Dyers Eve 20 And Justice for All 13
Dream No More 20 Hardwired…To Self Destruct 13
Motorbreath 18 Kill Em All 13
Trapped Under Ice 18 Ride the Lightning 14
Leper Messiah 18 Master of Puppets 14
Damage, Inc 18 Master of Puppets 14
Hero of the Day 18 Load 14
Mama Said 18 Load 15
Die, Die My Darling 17 Garage, Inc 15
Jump in the Fire 16 Kill Em All 15
Escape 16 Ride the Lightning 15
The Frayed Ends of Sanity 16 And Justice for All 16
Confusion 16 Hardwired…To Self Destruct 16
To Live is to Die 15 And Justice for All 16
Broken, Beat and Scarred 15 Death Magnetic 16
No Remorse 14 Kill Em All
The Struggle Within 14 Black Album
Frantic 14 St. Anger
Cyanide 14 Death Magnetic
Here Comes Revenge 14 Hardwired…To Self Destruct
Metal Militia 13 Kill Em All
Bleeding Me 13 Load
Tuesday’s Gone 13 Garage, Inc
My Apocalypse 13 Death Magnetic
ManUNkind 13 Hardwired…To Self Destruct
Murder One 13 Hardwired…To Self Destruct
Blitzkrieg 12 Garage, Inc
The End of the Line 12 Death Magnetic
Am I Savage? 12 Hardwired…To Self Destruct
Devil’s Dance 11 Reload
Breadfan 11 Garage, Inc
Stone Cold Crazy 11 Garage, Inc
Some Kind of Monster 11 St. Anger
That Was Just Your Life 11 Death Magnetic
Anesthesia 10 Kill Em All
Ain’t My Bitch 10 Load
Am I Evil? 10 Garage, Inc
Phantom Lord 9 Kill Em All
The Wait 9 Garage, Inc
The Judas Kiss 8 Death Magnetic
Suicide and Redemption 8 Death Magnetic
Low Man’s Lyric 7 Reload
Sabbra Cadabra 7 Garage, Inc
Astronomy 7 Garage, Inc
Last Caress/Green Hell 7 Garage, Inc
So What 7 Garage, Inc
2x4 6 Load
The House Jack Built 6 Load
Loverman 6 Garage, Inc
Mercyful Fate 6 Garage, Inc
Crash Course in Brain Surgery 6 Garage, Inc
The Unnamed Feeling 6 St. Anger
Lords of Summer 6 Hardwired…To Self Destruct
When a Blind Man Criews 6 Hardwired…To Self Destruct
Wasting My Hate 5 Load
The Outlaw Torn 5 Load
Better than You 5 Reload
Carpe Diem Baby 5 Reload
It’s Electric 5 Garage, Inc
Helpless 5 Garage, Inc
Overkill 5 Garage, Inc
Ronnie Rising Melody 5 Hardwired…To Self Destruct
Cure 4 Load
Poor Twisted Me 4 Load
Thorn Within 4 Load
Ronnie 4 Load
Slither 4 Reload
Bad Seed 4 Reload
Where the Wild Things Are 4 Reload
Prince Charming 4 Reload
Fixxxer 4 Reload
The Small Hours 4 Garage, Inc
The Prince 4 Garage, Inc
Dirty Window 4 St. Anger
Invisible Kid 4 St. Anger
My World 4 St. Anger
Shoot Me Again 4 St. Anger
Sweet Amber 4 St. Anger
Remember Tomorrow 4 Hardwired…To Self Destruct
Attitude 3 Reload
Free Speech for the Dumb 3 Garage, Inc
The More I See 3 Garage, Inc
Killing Time 3 Garage, Inc
Purify 3 St. Anger
All Within My Hands 3 St. Anger
Damage Case 2 Garage, Inc
Stone Dead Forever 2 Garage, Inc
Too Late Too Late 2 Garage, Inc

Only did a quick glance, but No Leaf Clover is missing.

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Reload was their last decent album in my opinion

Big metallica fan here and i honestly listen to all of it but you’re nuts if you don’t realize the later albums just arent quite what the old ones were


Nice; looking forward to this tourney

yea you right, didn’t realize that only exists on S&M unlike the rest, i have added it now and it pulls in at 13 seed.

I can agree that the later albums are worse, I’m a big Death Magnetic fan though, and I like St. Anger more than most. Hardwired to Self Destruct ranked pretty well especially the namesake and I don’t really know any of those so i’ll be interested to go through them.

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Way more excited for this than LZ




I think it’s basically fine because you have everything important from the best albums in here, but the Garage Inc. seeds are just the few tracks that binked pop appeal in the late 90s, all the iconic Garage stuff is not seeded which is a shame. Would like to have seen No Remorse and Phantom Lord make it, No Remorse is very underrated and Phantom Lord is a guilty pleasure.

Aside from a thumbs up to a Bleeding Me/Outlaw Torn play-ins, I like Low Man’s Lyric and Fixxxer. Some Kind of Monster is good, I like The End of the Line from DM. A lot of the Garage Days material >> Load/Reload for me but it doesn’t look like it’s practical to sort through them.

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Thought “I Disappear” would be on here.

hey good call, i show thats from MI:2 soundtrack, i just went through the albums. I’ll get that one in as well, its got enough to be a 12 seed or so.

Also surprised to not see “Wherever I May Roam”.

And if anything from St. Anger makes it past the first round, this forum should be ashamed of themselves.

damn I’m bad at this lol, knew there was a reason i threw it up for yall to check. I’ll add that, its way up there.

St. Anger title track is the only one in the running.

St. Anger track sounds like Metallica doing a bad impersonation of Linkin Park.

I would give this post a dislike if i could.

It’s without a doubt the worst album they’ve ever released. At least Load and Reload has some good songs on it even if they weren’t up to par with everything before that.

Fucking steel drums and even a tinge of electronic sounds in the background from time to time. Shit lyrics and no guitar solos. St. Anger is shit.

i dont disagree that its the worst album, just dont think its so bad.

They just chose to make it sound as bad as possible. If they recorded it properly and added some leads and harmonies, the riffs were there.

Too many posts idgaf about, I just want to smash some polls

Solid #1 seed imo

Also one of the most insane atmospheres I’ve ever been in at a football game:

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