LOL Democrats - Tik Tok on the clock, but the party don't stop

We have Tom Cotton and Mitt Romney to the left of Nancy Pelosi on virus response. Trump to the left of Biden on Social Security.

Great job, great effort, great party.


they’re done. election was lost today.

Please change the title to include Ruh Roh so the party collapses.

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Trump gonna pretend to take left wing positions to win over disaffected Bernie Bros.

And it’ll fucking work too.


He doesn’t have to pretend on Iraq or trade. He’s legit closer to Bernie on those issues than Biden is.



Well trumps dementia brain is utterly random. He might do something good by accident at any time. Bidens dementia brain seems hard coded for no we can’t do that.


It’s giving Trump way too much credit for knowledge and intelligence to say he’s either left or right on a particular issue - he’s only into himself and his family.

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He literally attacked Biden from the left on entitlements this morning.

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i think it’s even a little more left than random, there have been a bunch of times he’s just spit out the left wing policy off the cuff because he just thinks its a good idea. then it gets rolled back later

2015 he made a campaign promise that everyone would get healthcare
2017 he said the same thing basically about insurance for everyone in the healthcare debacle
after parkland he said take all the guns first

as an aside i think its pretty telling that Bernie basically told him to shut the fuck up at the debate and he hasn’t responded to that yet. who else has been spared in that spot

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Criminal justice too.

I think Dems have lived in fear of media backlash for so long, it has caused them to be too cautious, where as Republicans can say whatever the hell they want and know that they will have numerous media outlets running cover for them.

Trump just pushing buttons to trigger the libs. No consistent ideology of any kind. It’s all he does and it’s all his deplorables like. Doesn’t matter how fucked their lives get. If he triggers the libs, he’s getting their vote.

Honestly, I’d seriously consider voting Romney over Biden.

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I’ll put it this way: if Biden were a republican there’s no chance in hell he votes to impeach or comes out in favor of something like UBI during a crisis. I’m not sure that means I’d vote for Romney as things currently stand, but I absolutely respect him more than Biden.


What happened today?


Red wave incoming

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And we deserve it


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the narrative around dems is “pelosi left 80% of workers out of the bill”

the narrative around gop is “dems didn’t go far enough in the bill and also some of us want to give everyone free money”

they just got populized